Production Engineering // Internship (Bachelor)

Over the past 40 years, Donkervoort Automobielen in Lelystad has produced a lightweight sportscar on the basis of a steel tubular chassis, an ultra-lightweight carbon composite body and a suspension and drive train that is developed for usage both on road and track. The car is assembled entirely by hand. All major components are fabricated in-house, from the welding of the chassis till the production of all the carbon parts.

In order to meet the demand and to reduce lead-times, production output needs to increase. As a consequence, the production process needs to be analyzed and where possible to be improved and optimized. Part of this optimization process is the industrialization of components (make-or-buy decisions) that to date are fabricated by hand. Tooling, templates and moulds need to be developed in order to standardize certain processes and parts. In addition to this, new parts and subassemblies need to be invented and developed that will simplify the assembly process as a whole.

Job summary
The intern will work within the Production Engineering group. The needs and problems of the assembly team need to be inventoried and looked for, after which technical solutions are being proposed by the intern. The scope of work is positioned right between the Engineering and the Production functions.
Next to setting up and maintaining up to date the assembly manual, the intern helps to implement improvements that make the assembly process more efficient. The intern takes note of the (quality) problems the assembly team faces, reports these problems to the suppliers, investigates the root cause and works together with the supplier and/or assembly team to achieve a solution or an improvement. Elaborating solutions into mechanical constructions is performed on SolidWorks CAD-software. The intern remains closely involved in the final implementation process of the new solution.

Wat we ask from you
The ideal intern is a pragmatic do-er, has a passion for and experience with hands-on mechanical work, can analyze problems and come up with solutions. A pragmatic approach and a practical skill set are essential to do this job properly. The intern has good software skills (SolidWorks, Word, Excel) and can read and write English at a good level. The intern feels comfortable in a compact team, can take on responsibility, is eager to learn and is very motivated to turn this internship into a mutually successful experience.

Internship period
From August / September 2022

Please send your motivation letter with your CV to:
Donkervoort Automobielen B.V.
Subject: Production Engineering // Internship (Bachelor)
By email to [email protected]

Acquisition further to this vacancy is not appreciated.