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You get behind the steering wheel, we take care of everything else.

Our cornering training “bochtentraining” lays a solid foundation for optimal control during cornering. Whether it’s on public roads or on the racetrack you’ll benefit from the necessary insights in these driving techniques. This is crucial for anyone who wants to become a better driver in general, with high performance driving in mind. A perfectly executed corner equals ultimate pleasure for any driver. Learning how to corner properly is an absolute must if you want to get the most out of yourself and your car. Touching the apex in a corner and getting a good exit is real driving pleasure for any spirited driver, we can ensure that!


The Donkervoort Cornering Training is the perfect follow-up step after the Donkervoort Driver Training. It is an intensive one-day training course and is specially developed so that you can get to know your Donkervoort even better – and then have even more driving fun with your car!

During this valuable and fun-packed training, you will learn more about the correct sitting position, correct operation of the steering wheel and pedals, gear shifting, viewing techniques and, of course, the ideal line. The speeds are gradually increased in a safe environment.

The cornering training is supervised by certified instructors from GP Elite and is part of a training programme made in cooperation with Donkervoort Automobiles.


The circuit is being devided into seperate sections. Each section has its own character, which we will highlight during the training so a driver can learn to feel the differences. By splitting the circuit into sections you’re able to optimize every section before driving the whole circuit.

By handling and learning to control every corner in detail, your learning curve will be accelerated and you’ll enjoy it to the upmost! At the end of the training all sections will come together and we’ll drive the full racetrack. Smalls groups of participants will drive behind the trainer, so the ideal line on track will be easy to find. After the ideal line is known, the speed can go up and so will your learning curve!



Meppen, Germany


Saturday 2 October 2021


GP Elite


09:30 | Reception and registration
09:45 | Theory
10:30 | Start morning programme
11:45 | Lunch
12:30 | Start afternoon programme
17:00 | Closure and feedback trainer

Note: subject to change



Cornering training (1 driver, 1 car)  € 599,-
Additional driver  € 65,-
Passenger / Guest  € 49,-
Insurrance*  Op aanvraag


All prices include VAT, catering and photo service.



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