The Donkervoort Drivers Training is an intensive one-day training course and is specially developed so that you get to know your Donkervoort even better – in order to experience even more driving pleasure with your car!

Enjoying the drive and at the same time learning to control your Donkervoort is the aim of this Drivers Training. Safety and driving pleasure are at the core. By training in a small group of like-minded people in common practical situations under the supervision of the best trainers, you will get to know how your Donkervoort behaves in an emergency situation and how to prevent problems that might occur along the road.

To be honest, we highly recommend all Donkervoort drivers to have done this training at least once! In a safe and fun way, you will learn to ‘tame’ your Donkervoort under all kinds of circumstances.

By training drivers on the various exercises, with lots of individual attention and clear feedback, this Drivers Training offers a steep learning curve with new insights and improved skills. As a bonus, the group, consisting solely of Donkervoort drivers, learns to drive the ideal lines on the track at a safe pace, under the guidance of the trainer.

The Drivers Training is supervised by certified instructors from GP Elite and is made in cooperation with Donkervoort Automobielen.


09:00  Welcome and registration
09:30  Theory
10:00  Start morning program
13:00  Luscious lunch
14:00  Start afternoon program
17:00  End and feedback trainer


Drivers Training (1 driver, 1 car)  € 599,-
Second driver € 75,-
Passenger / Guests  € 50,-
All prices include 9% VAT


Discover the pleasure of real driving. Making emergency stops, avoiding dangerous situations and learning to control an under- or over-steer will give you a more confidence while driving your Donkervoort. By practising various situations several times, every driver becomes well aware of the reaction time, braking distances and grip levels.

The part where we practise the driving ideal lines is done under the trainer’s supervision, one after the other and at a safe driving pace. The result of this drivers training is a high degree of insight, safety and confidence. It is possible to participate with two drivers in one car.