Super Car Sunday; THE Super Car event of the Netherlands and an internationally recognized event. Synonymous with show, spectacle and above all, a lot of special cars!

Naturally, Donkervoort will also be present at this event. This year, in cooperation with the organisation of Super Car Sunday, we are even offering you, as a Donkervoort driver, some additional and unique privileges during this special event.

We hope to welcome you and your Donkervoort to the brand-new Circuit Zandvoort on Sunday 20 September!

Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70

Fresh from the factory and only seen ‘live’ by a happy few. On Super Car Sunday, the brand new JD70, already hailed as “Alles Super, nichts mehr Seven” by the renowned German auto, motor und sport, will be present during this event.

It’s not just any car, but a limited-edition super sports car to be shared with 70 of his friends, old and new.

His birthday car is a sub-700kg, open-topped celebratory machine, and it’s the most powerful car we’ve ever built.

Donkervoort Exclusive at Super Car Paddock

Your Donkervoort is special. You know that, we know that, and so does the organisation of Super Car Sunday. For that reason, a part of the Super Car Paddock is reserved especially for Donkervoort. You can park your – undoubtedly well-groomed – Donkervoort here exclusively during your visit to this event.

Donkervoort Exclusive Track Time

Not one but two exclusive 20-minute time slots are reserved for Donkervoort during the day, in the morning and in the afternoon respectively. A unique opportunity to explore the new circuit on ‘gentleman’s racing pace’ and of course to steal a show for the audience present. To be clear, this will not be a race and is therefore suitable for both novice and experienced drivers.

Donkervoort Exclusive Pit Boxes

No less than two contiguous pitboxes are reserved for Donkervoort drivers. Here, in addition to (basic technical) support from our team, you will also find the Donkervoort Wear Pop-up Store provided by Only for Men. Here you will find the latest collection and a number of great offers for your perfect Donkervoort outfit.
Coffee on Wheels is provided by Perfecto Caffé.


The program starts around 09h00 and will end around 17h00/18h00. Exact times have not yet been published and will follow.


Safety comes first for us – this event will not be an exception. Your safety is our highest priority. Therefore, during the event, keep a sufficient distance (1.5 meters) from each other and follow the instructions and walking routes from the organisation.

When you participate in the Exclusive Track Time, wearing a fireproof balaclava and a race helmet – preferably not an ‘open face’ version – is mandatory. If you are not in possession of your own helmet, you can rent it through us (please note: stock is limited).

It is strongly recommended to wear fireproof racing overalls and racing shoes. These can also be ordered through us (not for rent), but please take into account long(er) delivery times in connection with the corona virus and the summer holidays.

Participation & entrance fees

When you participate in the Donkervoort Super Car Paddock and/or the Donkervoort Exclusive Track Time, your participation and access is completely free of charge!

Please note that catering (with the exception of Coffee on Wheels) is not included in your participation – however, the location offers plenty of possibilities so that you can enjoy a bite to eat and a drink according to your own wishes and taste.

– Minimum number of participants Exclusive Track Time: 20 cars
– Deadline for registration: Monday 7 September 2020 (after this date we cannot guarantee availability)

Nb. Bookings in accordance with Donkervoort Automobielen General Terms and Conditions. Subject to changes and errors. We reserve the right to cancel the event at short notice if weather conditions, the minimum number of participants, etc. require this from us.

* If you would like to make use of the Donkervoort Exclusive Super Car Paddock, you must be present on time and you can leave the grounds after 15h30. More information will follow after your registration.