Super Car Sunday; the ultimate Super Car event in the Netherlands. An internationally recognized event and a day full of spectacle, a packed paddock with hundreds of supercars and action on the track!

Donkervoort will participate in the Dutch Time Attack and will ‘battle’ – of course, under the motto “gentleman racing’ – for the trophy for best lap time.

Super Car Sunday will take place at the TT Circuit Assen. This famous Dutch circuit is known as the best and most spectacular circuit in motorsport. But not only motorists have fun here: the TT Circuit Assen is the real challenge for the most experienced drivers, although it is also suitable for less experienced drivers thanks to the wide run-off areas.

We hope to welcome you during Super Car Sunday on Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019!


Length: 4,5 km
Corners: 21
Maximum sound level (dB): 98 dB


(to be confirmed)

11:00 11:20 Track time various
11:25 11:45 Time Attack 1
11:50 12:20 Track time Cars and Business
12:25 13:00 Drag races
13:05 13:25 Track time Vijverberg Trophy
13:30 13:50 Track time Cars and Business
13.55 14:15 Paddock Porsche Parade
14:15 15:10 Display Porsche + Supercars & Hypercars
15:15 15:45 Track time Vijverberg Trophy
15:50 16:30 Time Attack 2 + Finale
16:35 16:50 Track time Cars & Business
16:55 17:15 Track time Vijverberg Trophy
17:20 17:40 Track time various
17:45 18:05 Track time various

Circuit lay-out