The beautiful Circuit Paul Ricard, owned by Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, is situated on the plateau of Le Castellet, near Marseille. In recent years the track invested heavily in its safety and its facilities and was officially named Paul Ricard HTTT (High Tech Test Track).

The track is known for its distinctive black and blue runoff areas known as the Blue Zone; thanks to the special techniques used for these run-off areas no gravel is required, making this track ideal for all types of drivers.

The track is characterized by the 1.8 km long straight in the circuit, called the Mistral. Not only Formula 1 and the 24H of Le Mans test here annually, but the Donkervoort Racing team tested the D8 GT on this impressive race track during its participation in the GT championships as well.

The facts

Length of circuit: 5,8 km
Corners: 25
Longest straight: 1800 m
Maximum noise level (dB): 108 dB


10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Free training (3 sessions of 30 minutes)
1 p.m.– 2 p.m. Lunch
2 – 6 p.m. Free training (3 sessions of 30 minutes)


Track Day (1 driver, 1 car)  € 550,-
Second driver  € 70,-
Passanger / Guests  € 70,-


All prices are inclusive of BTW (Dutch VAT), timekeeping using transponders, use of Donkervoort pitbox, basic factory support and full catering on the circuit (drinks, lunch, etc.).

Track lay-out

Donkervoort Pre & After Drive Check Up

Start the Track Day with a safe feeling, and drive home again reassured at the end of the day.  This is possible thanks to the Pre & After Drive Check Up, during which your Donkervoort will be thoroughly inspected by our team of specialists at the start and end of the Track Day. The checkup consists of checking and inspecting the tyres, tyre pressures, brake shoes, brake fluid, coolant, engine oil level and any leaks.

€178.50 per Track Day*

* excluding parts

Donkervoort Track Support

We offer you, as Donkervoort driver, the possibility to receive assistance and support during the Track Day, through Donkervoort Track Support. Our team of factory-trained mechanics can help you by giving your car the ideal circuit configuration (stabilisers, shock absorbers, brake balance, car height, tyre pressure and tyre temperature). During the day, a Donkervoort mechanic and instructor will be present in the pit lane to support you with advice and practical assistance wherever and whenever needed.

The objective is an extra dose of circuit knowledge and experience, even faster circuit times and, of course, a great deal of pleasure in your Donkervoort!

Price: € 595 per Track Day*

* excluding parts

Circuit training and coaching

Put simply, the feeling you have when driving your Donkervoort in a self-assured and controlled manner at speed around the circuit is fantastic. As a novice Track Day driver, you may find it reassuring – after extensive theory instruction – to drive your first circuit kilometres with an experienced Donkervoort trainer next to you. As an experienced circuit driver, you know how difficult it is to continually improve your circuit times in a controlled manner.

During the Donkervoort circuit training and coaching session, we look at essential subjects such as sitting position, pedal operation, changing gear, looking technique, steering technique, the ideal line and load shifting of the car. Just like our cars, we put together the training on the basis of your personal wishes and experience. We offer the options of private training or in a group of a maximum of three drivers.

€1190 per day on the basis of 1 driver
€595 per person per day on the basis of 2 drivers
€395 per person per day on the basis of 3 drivers

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