Donkervoort D8 180R Cup 2000

This Donkervoort D8 180R is the perfect car for race track lovers. It is still Donkervoort Cup configurated, which is a very rare find these days!

The car is among others equipped with a racetrack reinforced chassis and an integrated stack lap timer. This D8 comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and has recently been completely maintained at Donkervoort Maintenance & Service.

Technical specifications
Model D8 180R Cup
Body Combination aluminium/glassfiber
Engine Audi 1.8l Turbo Intercooler 20V AGU
Power 245 BHP
Transmission T9 5-speed manual
Differential Limited Slip Differential
Brakes Sport with grooved disc brakes
Suspension White power adjustable in height, compression and rebound

Body colour BMW black sapphire metallic
Roll bar Shiny black
Rims Mat black
Roof, doors and tonneau Black
Headlights Standard, in body color
Mirrors F1 in visible carbon fiber

Seats Black leather
Upholstery Black leather
Seatbelts 4-point harnesses
Dashboard Visible carbon with stack display
Steering wheel Momo black raw leather with quick release
Brake balance Yes
Equipment Laptimer - Alarm - 12V

Built in 2000
Mileage 25.600 km
Country of registration The Netherlands
Location Donkervoort Automobielen B.V., The Netherlands
Price incl. VAT €62.900,-