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500 km
Year of registration
VAT Deductible

Donkervoort D8 GTO Individual Series

Imagine a land where supercars and hypercars were as common as Volkswagen Beetles in 1965 on any European street. How would you drive a car you love but still stand out from the crowd?

Well, with a Donkervoort D8 GTO Individual Series. Fortunately, right now in the United Arab Emirates, where the standard glamour car badges just aren’t enough, one of them just became available.

 Even after 45 years in Europe, Donkervoort is still relatively new to the UAE, which has a huge upside in individuality. This was one of the very first Donkervoorts in the country, and it's a pretty special one. 

With a bright blue interior contrasting with blue-coloured hypercar carbon fibre, this is a perfect example of why the Donkervoort GTO Individual Series bears its name so well.

This Individual Series is the ultimate Donkervoort GTO, with all the options the seller could think of:

  • 435hp ABT power upgrade? Yes!

  • Race ABS, differential cooler, and track safety package? Of course.

  • Air conditioning, assisted steering, and rear-view camera? Absolutely.

  • Carbon-fibre wheels? You bet!

And it has so much more.

This car is like new and ready to hit the road or the track, with a set of slick tyres, too, for people who want to push their limits on the fantastic racetracks the UAE offers. This outstanding GTO Individual Series has become available for delivery in the UAE right now and can be seen at the Dubai Autodrome.


This car puts the "Individual” in Individual Series. This unique masterpiece has blue exposed carbon-fibre interior panels. The complete upholstery is tailor-made in blue leather, with perfectly trimmed details.

The seat shell is also in blue exposed carbon-fibre, just like the steering wheel command unit. As an ultimate detail, the Donkervoort logos, engraved in aluminium, are painted in the exterior colour.


  • Model
    Donkervoort D8 GTO
  • Mileage
    500 km
  • Year of registration
  • Country of registration
    United Arab Emirates
  • Number of previous owners
  • Full service history
  • Warranty
    One year factory warranty
  • Engine
    Audi 2.5l TFSI Turbo - ABT preparation
  • Max power
    435 hp
  • Transmission
    Tremec 5-speed manual
  • Differential
    Performance limited slip differential with cooling system
  • Brakes
    Performance (6-piston system) | Race ABS
  • Suspension
    Performance with adjustable stabilisation and 4-way ARC-schocks
  • Body colour
    Shark blue
  • Rims
    Exposed carbon in gloss
  • Roll bar
  • Roof, doors and tonneau
  • Headlights
  • Mirrors
    Standard, in body colour
  • Seats
    Blue leather
  • Upholstery
    Blue leather
  • Seatbelts
    6-point harnesses
  • Dashboard
    Exposed carbon dashboard with AIM MXS Pista display
  • Steering wheel
    Blue leather Momo steering wheel with quick release
  • Brake balance
  • Control systems
    Adjustable traction control - Race ABS
  • Extra
    Fuel tank protection - Bilster Berg rollcage
  • Wind package
  • Poncho
  • Servo steering
  • Car cover
  • Smartycam
  • Extra set of wheels with slick tyres
  • TPMS System
  • Rear view camera
Technicians note

Checked on 175 aspects

This kind of technical marvel happens when you give Donkervoort engineers complete creative freedom. This car was built to be the fastest Donkervoort D8-GTO ever around a racetrack. It is one of the few cars equipped with the ABT power upgrade and feels remarkably fast.

Weight reduction was taken to the next level with the carbon-fibre wheels and the hypercar carbon-fibre. This GTO is also equipped with a reinforced chassis, a racing fire extinguisher, and fuel tank protection. No compromises were made while specifying this car, and it shows. Our team considers this car the pinnacle of what was achievable in the GTO era.

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