Team Composition

The Donkervoort Racing Team includes the factory team led by the experienced racing driver Denis Donkervoort. Totally in the style of what Donkervoort stands for, we also offer talented amateur racing drivers, after a training period, the chance to ultimately appear at the start in the GT4 or in the 24 hour race. In addition, well known professional drivers, such as Peter Kox and Nick de Bruijn, have already driven one or more races in the D8 GT for the Donkervoort Racing Team.

Race ambitions?

In keeping with our tradition of enabling as many Donkervoort drivers as possible to participate in races with their cars, you can receive training at Donkervoort. The programme, which is custom tailored to your level and wishes, offers a mix of theory and practice. Depending on your personal objectives, we can assist you by providing anything from your very first introduction to the track to improvement of your Donkervoort racing skills. In addition, we teach you more about the ideal line, understeering and oversteering, braking, road-holding, tuning the car and other aspects of racing. At Donkervoort you will be taught by experienced race drivers and Donkervoort test drivers.

Have racing aspirations with your Donkervoort? We can also take you through the entire process of obtaining the necessary racing licence(s) for participation in national and international competitions, such as GT4 or Endurance races.