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Zaterdag 5/11/2024
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Hello Sunshine

The Donkervoort Season Opener, a tradition initiated in 2021, invites Donkervoort owners to a memorable gathering at the Donkervoort Headquarters in Lelystad this year. This distinctive event features a variety of activities, including a day tour. The experience is further enhanced by the option to join the exclusive Donkervoort Drivers Dinner in the evening. For accommodation, you can choose between a luxurious 5-star hotel, complete with wellness amenities, or a cosy 4-star hotel, both situated in/near Amsterdam.

You are given the flexibility to fully immerse yourself in the entire Season Opener Weekend or to simply participate for the day. While more details are forthcoming, we encourage you to mark your calendar for May 11, 2024. This event is designed to offer a harmonious blend of scenic drives, fellowship, culinary delights, and shared passions of the Donkertvoort family community. Living the Drive. Together.


Season Opener Program

Fun and relaxation. Total peace of mind. You can count on that. That is why we take everything off your hands; from start to finish.


Donkervoort HQ

Tijdens de opening van het Season Opener-evenement in Lelystad, kunnen deelnemers een Ambassador Update van het Donkervoort-team verwachten. Deze exclusieve update biedt een voorproefje van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen bij Donkervoort Automobielen en geeft inzicht in de visie van het merk en de geavanceerde technologie.

Donkervoort Season Opener

Price: € 3.499Based on the (most) complete weekend experiece.

The complete program and pricing per item will follow soon.

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