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The combination of appealing styling, ultra-light weight, high power output and fantastic road holding like a racing car, has created a sports car that makes the hearts of countless car enthusiasts beat faster.

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Donkervoort and Only for Men introduce exclusive Donkervoort Wear

Once again, in 2017, Donkervoort Automobielen will continue to innovate, improve and expand— through the introduction of the brand new Donkervoort D8 GTO RS, and with the opening of a second location in the beautiful Classic Remise Düsseldorf (DE). More than ever, Donkervoort will be in attendance at prestigious, legendary and titillating national and international events. And that’s not all! In 2017, access to the iconic Donkervoort feeling will come within reach of a much larger group of car enthusiasts. This spring Donkervoort Automobiles—in cooperation with well-known Dutch clothing company Only for Men—proudly introduces Donkervoort Wear: an exclusive, casual chic clothing line for men who identify with the Donkervoort core values.

BONKERS DONKERS! | YouTube legend Shmee150 tests the D8 GTO RS

In this video, YouTube legend Shmee150 tests the brand new D8 GTO RS, in the hills of Monaco, where Donkervoort was present at Top Marques Monaco.

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