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The combination of appealing styling, ultra-light weight, high power output and fantastic road holding like a racing car, has created a sports car that makes the hearts of countless car enthusiasts beat faster.

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Donkervoort’s carbon-fibre technology EX-CORE® awarded a grant by the European Union innovation programme

Donkervoort Automobielen B.V. has been producing high-tech, lightweight sports cars for the last 40 years, providing its customers with the purest driving experience possible. For over a decade, this Dutch car manufacturer has also been devoting substantial time, money and attention to innovative materials, eventually resulting in the fully in-house development of the patented EX-CORE® carbon-fibre technology. The single-shot carbon-fibre production method provides immensely strong and incredibly lightweight carbon components. This technology is so innovative that it is one of the 50 selected from a field of over 2,300 nominees for the European Innovation Grant in High-Tech Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, awarded within the scope of Horizon 2020: an EU innovation programme for high-tech scale-ups.

CARFECTION |40 years of Donkervoort

YouTube channel Carfection takes you through 40 years of Donkervoort history. From the S7 to the D8 GTO RS.


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As a Donkervoort driver you are part of the Donkervoort ‘family’. We attach great importance to your enjoyment of your Donkervoort, both on your own and in the company of other Donkervoort owners.


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