Owning a Donkervoort is about individualism and ‘No Compromise’ driving on the most beautiful roads and the most challenging circuits. Your optimal experience and achieving the best performance with your Donkervoort is our highest priority. After all, you, as a Donkervoort driver are our most important ambassador.

In addition, we would like you – whenever possible – to benefit from our latest developments with your current Donkervoort in areas such as engineering, customizing or safety. At all times, our objective is to offer the highest quality and flexible and bespoke service at fair prices.

Your Donkervoort is a high-performance vehicle. The maximum performance and prolonged enjoyment can only be guaranteed with proper maintenance. It is therefore crucial your car is inspected and serviced by a qualified Donkervoort technician.

Through the Donkervoort After Sales & Service Packages we offer an extensive range of options for the maintenance, optimization, and (further) personalizing of your Donkervoort. From the classic S8 to a brand new D8 GTO. From basic maintenance, to the complete set-up of your car for road or track use and according to your personal needs and preferences. From the installation of a Traction Control System to an engine update. And in addition, a large selection of accessories.

In short, Donkervoort can assist you in making your adventures with your Donkervoort as pleasant and as fast as possible!

Service & Maintenance

Our service and maintenance department is specialised in tuning, restoring, maintaining and repairing your Donkervoort. The very complete range, the craftsmanship and the trusted factory environment lead even customers from abroad to make the trip to our factory or the second location in Germany for restoration, repair and maintenance of their Donkervoort.



If your Donkervoort has been damaged in an accident, it is not advisable to simply take it to the most convenient local shop for repair. After all, a Donkervoort has a unique tubular frame made of thin-walled steel pipe with a low carbon content that is brazed together using a special copper alloy. The result is an ultra-rigid and ultra-lightweight (just 50 kg) chassis that gives your Donkervoort its unique handling characteristics.

Then there is the special suspension configuration and high-precision aluminium/carbon fibre body that is built and installed by hand. You will understand that any work done to it without knowledge of the car’s handling characteristics will significantly detract from the appearance and value of your Donkervoort.

Therefore, in the event of damage to your car, always contact Donkervoort Automobielen first. We can then assess whether the car can be repaired locally or that it is advisable to have the work done at Donkervoort. In the latter case – and depending on your insurance coverage – we can also arrange transport for you. One less thing for you to worry about!


With nearly 40 years of history Donkervoorts oldtimers, like the S7 and S8 models, are becoming more popular and therefore more valuable. Originality and good optical and technical condition are obviously an important indicator in determined the (historic) value of your Donkervoort.

Are you the (future) owner of a Donkervoort oldtimer or one that is beginning to show signs of age and would you like to have the car restored to new/original condition? The Donkervoort Restore Department provides the knowledge, skill and precision for a complete or partial restoration, or even a complete rebuild, of your Donkervoort – using only original parts, of course.

After a thorough inspection of the car we can advise you on an appropriate strategy for restoring your Donkervoort to top condition.


Donkervoort Collection & Delivery Service

Whether you are in possession of an S8 or a D8 GTO, maximum performance and long-lasting enjoyment of your Donkervoort can only be maintained with proper maintenance at the appropriate times and according to factory standards.

But what if you do not live near a Donkervoort subsidiary or Donkervoort Service Point? Donkervoort Automobielen now offers even more opportunities to get your car serviced by factory-trained technicians easily and effortlessly.

transport copy

Fixed rates open and closed transport

The Donkervoort Collection & Delivery Service is now used by many with some regularity. Our experience, combined with the excellent cooperation with our regular carrier, allows us to offer you a more comprehensive service with insightful and transparent rates and terms.


Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Switzerland

For the transportation of your Donkervoort to and from the factory in Lelystad we offer fixed rates for The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Switzerland. You can simply refer to the rates in this document using the correct "zone" from which your car has to be transported. In addition, you also have a choice of open or closed transport.


Even more service

Thanks to this extra service we are able to provide even more Donkervoorts with updates, repairs and maintenance.

Of course we are more than happy to inform you personally about our capabilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries!

Certificate of Authenticity (CoA)

Since 1978, a total of over 1,150 Donkervoorts have been hand built in Tienhoven, Loosdrecht and Lelystad. This makes every Donkervoort a truly unique specimen with a story all its own. In many cases the cars are maintained and looked after with great pride. Unfortunately, however, not every owner treats their Donkervoort with equal care. Moreover, not every Donkervoort is maintained by the factory, the location in Germany or an approved Donkervoort service point. Some cars are repaired or ‘embellished’ with non-original or non-authentic parts, and damage repairs are not always carried out in accordance with the factory specifications, which may degrade the unique characteristics and handling of a Donkervoort.

The COA is therefore an important document for every Donkervoort. This gives you, the current or future owner, insight into the current state of the car with respect to authenticity, technical condition and appearance – in black and white. The Certificate of Authenticity is also an important benchmark for insurers, appraisers, etc. when it comes to establishing the value of your car.

Benefits of a Certificate of Authenticity
You get a clear picture of the current state of the Donkervoort you own or are considering buying. The Certificate of Authenticity is also beneficial in terms of preserving the value of your Donkervoort, both with your insurance company/appraiser and when selling your car.


Certificate of Authenticity inspection

The COA inspection takes approximately five hours. It involves inspection of over 175 aspects (in 16 categories) by factory specialists, sometimes even under the watchful eye of Joop Donkervoort himself. Based on the findings for each aspect, a score (from 1 to 10) is assigned in each category. The points for the 16 categories are then averaged to calculate a total score for the technical condition, appearance and authenticity of the car. The Certificate of Authenticity is granted when the total score is at least six in all three areas. The COA must be renewed annually.

Please note: Certain categories are considered more important than others for reasons of safety or authenticity. If the score for one of these critical categories is insufficient (<6), a COA will not be issued.

After the inspection you receive three documents:

1. Certificate of Authenticity – the annual renewal will be added to this each year
2. Assessment report – a full report of the individual scores in each category
3. Factory inspection report – a nine-page report containing a detailed description of each aspect of the inspection



Just like our cars, the accessories for your Donkervoort can be fully customised to your personal wishes. How about a custom-made car cover, for which you choose the colour, printing and other details? Or a specially matched Donkervoort cleaning kit or toolbox? Visit our webshop to browse our current offerings!

Owner events

As a Donkervoort driver you are part of the Donkervoort ‘family’. We attach great importance to your enjoyment of your Donkervoort, both on your own and in the company of other Donkervoort owners. From track days, factory tours and exclusive sneak previews of the latest models to multi-day tours throughout Europe – we do our utmost to ensure you enjoy your Donkervoort to the fullest!

The current list of upcoming Donkervoort Owners Events can be found on this site under Experience.

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