Welcome to the world of Donkervoort

As a Donkervoort driver you are part of the Donkervoort ‘family’. We attach great importance to your enjoyment of your Donkervoort, both on your own and in the company of other Donkervoort owners. From track days, factory tours and exclusive sneak previews of the latest models to multi-day tours throughout Europe – we do our utmost to ensure you enjoy your Donkervoort to the fullest!

But even if you are not (yet) in possession of a Donkervoort, you are more than welcome to get acquainted with our brand and our philosophy. See how we our cars are built with skill and love, experience what it’s like to drive around the track in a D8 GTO.

We invite you to discover the fascinating world of Donkervoort!

Events & Experiences 2018



Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 March 2018
Type: Track Day
Location: Ascari Race Resort (E)
Partner: Gedlich Racing

(7 places available)



Tuesday 6 & Wednesday 7 March 2018
Location: Circuit de Valencia (E)
Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 March 2018
Location: Parcmotor Castellolí Barcelona (E)
Partner: Gedlich Racing

(9 places available)



Saturday 24 March 2018
Type: Factory Tour
Location: Factory Donkervoort, Lelystad (NL)

(39 places available)



Sunday 22 April to Friday 27 April 2018
Type: Tour
Location: Pyrenees – France & Spain

(13 places available)



Saturday 23 June 2018
Type: Factory Tour
Location: Factory Donkervoort, Lelystad (NL)

(40 places available)

The complete Calendar Events & Experiences 2018 will be published in December 2017.

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If you have any further queries or would like to receive additional information on your possible participation to one of several Donkervoort Events & Experiences, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Donkervoort Events also offers many options for organizing corporate events at our locations in the Netherlands and Germany. For all options, please refer to the Corporate Events section.


Donkervoort Owners during Trackday at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort

Why choose a Donkervoort? And what kind of adventures you can experience with this amazing car?

This video contains interviews with four Donkervoort owners who, during a Track Day at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort, talk about their motives and the pleasure they experience with their car.

Enjoy this look behind the scenes at Donkervoort Events & Experiences!

Impression Co-Pilot Track Experience

A Donkervoort D8 GTO is not just a car; it’s an experience. With a power-to-weight ratio of less than two and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, it is one of the fastest street- legal cars in the world at lap record holder at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort.

Terms that make the heart of every motorsports fan beat faster. During the Copilot Track Experience, we offer you the unique opportunity to be a co-pilot of a Donkervoort while racing at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort, home of Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH, in a D8 GTO!