Any company can sell you one of their cars.⁠
Only Donkervoort can create YOUR car.⁠


After the success of the D8 GTO-JD70, Donkervoort has moved the game forward again, with hypercar levels of customisation at supercar prices.
Is the Individual Series fast? Yes, the fastest Donkervoort road car yet!
Does it handle? Better than ever!
Is it beautiful? Well… that part is almost entirely up to you.

Let us introduce you to the D8 GTO Individual Series. Crafted by Donkervoort. Created by you.

Acceleration <2G in corners
Power 435 horsepower
Torque 570Nm of torque
0-200 km/h <7,6 seconds
Weight 680 kg
And as much Carbon fiber as you prefer


It’s very powerful, with an Abt Sportsline collaboration delivering 435 horsepower, 570Nm of torque and a wider usable power range in a 695kg package.

It’s fast enough to lap the Spa-Francorchamps Grand Prix circuit 1.4 seconds faster than the JD70 and gain 11km/h at the end of Kemmel Straight.

But, for us, the speed is a given. The real step forward for the D8 GTO Individual Series is that it opens the door to hypercar levels of customization at a supercar price.

If you can imagine it, and it’s legal to put on a car, Donkervoort can do it.

Donkervoort has a wealth of experience already with radical personal customisation, and now we’re putting all of that experience into one model.

So, what’s your big idea? We promise you won’t scare us…


The leap Donkervoort has made with the D8 GTO Individual Series puts hypercar levels of customization into your hands at a supercar price.

The sheer scale of the personalisation of the Individual Series numbers in the hundreds of thousands of possible combinations.

It’s even higher, because Donkervoort expects that Individual Series customers will ask for additions or changes that we don’t even know how to do – yet.

Donkervoort can deliver an Individual Series that delivers maximum performance or maximum comfort or anything in between. And beyond that, Donkervoort will try to make your Individual Series truly your Individual Series.

If you want it, we will make it happen for you – assuming it’s legal, of course.

This is Donkervoort betting that its own engineers, craftsman and technicians have even wilder imaginations than its customers!


The JD70’s 2480cc five-cylinder turbo motor has won nine consecutive International Engine of the Year awards in its class.
It also gives us more power and torque than ever in the nose of the JD70.

There’s a lot of power, with 415bhp, but the trick is the torque. It’s so strong everywhere – with the peak hitting as low as 1750rpm and holding on until 6350rpm – that we’ve fitted the JD70 with taller final gearing without losing any acceleration.

We’ve exploited this phenomenal engine flexibility by keeping the same gear ratios, but lengthening the final drive ratio. This means more relaxed cruising, better fuel economy and even fewer gear changes per lap. Not that the JD70’s gear changes are a chore, because we have a full-throttle system for upshifts and a Bosch rev-matching system for downshifts.

Try to stop yourself from smiling when you use them…


The D8 GTO Individual Series allows Donkervoort buyers to delve deep into their imaginations and into our options list to create the most personal driving experience imaginable.

It also creates the most personal configuration experience possible, too.

What other supercar company would invite you to spend an entire day with one of the founding Donkervoort family or a senior member of the production team to configure your car until you have precisely what you want?

The Individual Series cars don’t even have to wear paint, instead allowing the carbon-fibre bodywork and the Ex-Core pieces to speak for themselves.


The focus on customization hasn’t detracted from Donkervoort’s advanced engineering, though.

The Individual Series can be personalized with either the five-speed manual gearbox (complete with a choice of gear knobs) to the six-speed paddle-shift transmission (for the track). It can have standard steering or adjustable electronic power steering. It can have standard brakes or six piston calipers all around with a race spec ABS. The range of mechanical choices is almost endless.

Planned as final road-going version of the legendary D8 GTO generation, the Individual Series will boast a power increase to 435 horsepower, 570Nm of torque and a wider usable power range.

It is the first collaboration between Donkervoort’s technical development department and German Audi racers, Abt Sportsline, and both companies are hugely experienced at squeezing reliable horsepower out of the Audi Sport five-cylinder turbocharged petrol motor.

The 2.5-litre engine’s specific output has climbed from 167hp/litre to 174 hp/litre, while the torque remains constant at 560Nm from only 1750rpm.

The upgraded, freer-flowing intercooler has been reinforced, there are new fuel injectors as well and there is new tuning and mapping for the engine.

Surprisingly, the power surge has not come at the expense of economy, with the D8 Individual Series registering 191 grams/km of CO2 emissions on the WLTP cycle, and eight litres of fuel consumption/100km.

We were so excited about all the customization possibilities that we didn’t want to bore you with all of the technical specifications, so check them out here.


The Individual Series is the most advanced car we’ve ever made. We didn’t want to bore you with all the details here, so check out the full technical specifications for more details. If you want them.
Power to weight (DIN) 640 hp/tonne
Power 435 bhp at 6430-7000 rpm
Acceleration 2,6 seconds 0-100 km/h


Engine technology AUDI 2,5L R5 TFSI
Engine configuration In-line five, turbocharged
Bore x stroke (mm) 82.5 x 92.8
Effective capacity (cc) 2480
Compression ratio (:1) 10
Max output (hp/kW) 435/325
at (rpm) 5850-7000
Max torque (Nm) 560
at (rpm) 1750-6350
Exhaust Side pipe with particulate filter


Type of transmission Short-throw, five-speed Tremec, rev matching
Gear ratios
I (:1) 2.95
II (:1) 1,94
III (:1) 1,34
IV (:1) 1,00
V (:1) 0,80
R (:1) 2.76
Final drive (:1) 3.31
Differential Limited Slip


Power to weight (DIN) (hp/tonne) 640
Output per litre (hp/l) 174
Acceleration 0-100km/h (s) 2,6
Acceleration 0-200km/h (s) 7,7
Top speed (km/h) 286
Drive Rear wheel
Weight, unladen to DIN (kg) 680
Maximum lateral acceleration 2.05g
Maximum longitudinal acceleration 1.02g


Number of doors Two
Length/width/height (mm) 3836/1850/1081
Wheelbase (mm) 2350
Track, front/rear (mm) 1560
Turning circle (m) 1585
Fuel tank capacity (litres) 48
Luggage capacity (litres) 250
Body Carbon-fibre, Aluminium

Fuel consumption (with standard tyres)

Combined (l/100km) 8
CO2 (g/km - WLTP cycle) 191

Driving and Safety features

Chassis type Carbon/aluminium/tubular steel hybrid
Suspension, front Independent, double wishbones, coil springs, Intrax 3-way adjustable dampers, adjustable anti-roll bars
Suspension, rear Independent, double wishbones, trailing arms, soil springs, Intrax 3-way adjustable dampers, adjustable anti-roll bars
Brakes, front Wave-pattern 310mm x 24mm B30-6 discs, six-piston Tarox calipers with brake balance adjustment
Brakes, rear Wave-pattern 285mm x 24mm BF30-6 discs, single-piston Tarox calipers (six-piston option)
Tyres, front Nankang AR-1 235/45 17
Tyres, rear Nankang AR-1 245/40 18
Wheels, front Forged alloy 8x17"
Wheels, rear Forged alloy 9x18"
Driving stability systems Adjustable traction control
Steering wheel Multifunction, quick-release system
Turns lock-to-lock 2,7
Turning circle (m) 11,6
Steering system Rack and pinion, no servo assistance

Standard Equipment

Suede multifunction steering wheel
Carbon seats with black leather upholstery
AIM MXS Strada digital colour dash display

Significant options

Air conditioner (lightweight)
"Bilster Berg" roll cage
Bosch Race ABS system
Interior design package
Wind package (to reduce turbulence)
Rear-view camera
Alarm system
Xenon lights
MXS Pista colour digital display
Aim Smartycam HD 2.1 digital camera
Donkervoort race seat
Schroth four-point harness
Luke six-point harness
Carbon transmission tunnel
Limited-slip differential cooler

Base Price

Base Price (including 21% VAT) € 197.109,00


The first step in creating your very own, very personal Donkervoort is asking for it, and that can start with something as simple as an email or a phone call.

For more information, a brochure or a test drive, please leave your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Donkervoorts hold their value reassuringly well, and they always have.

The easiest way to take everything the Individual Series can offer is to contact Donkervoort Financial Services.

Donkervoort Financial Services has two forms of financing: the Donkervoort Private Lease and Donkervoort Full Operational Lease.

Either way, you will enjoy particularly attractive monthly installments, precisely due to the uniquely high resale value of all Donkervoorts.

This not only brings you a step closer to driving a Donkervoort but also allows you to immediately benefit from the unique position Donkervoort holds in the market for light, fast sports cars.