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Putting The Class In Classics

While Donkervoorts have become faster and more sophisticated over the decades, they all hold fast to the same core values: ultra light weight, unmatched driving intimacy and technical innovation that works. And that will never change.

Unlike other brands, Donkervoort regards building the cars as simply the start of its relationship with its customers.

This commitment to the lifetime care of our cars means more than 98% of them are still on the road or on the track.

Donkervoort’s experts can advise you on the most suitable strategy to bring your current or future Donkervoort classic back to top condition.

With more than 40 years of history, Donkervoort classics such as the S7 and S8 models are having a resurgence in popularity, as well as becoming more valuable.

The benchmarks for rising value for classic Donkervoorts are originality and the technical quality of the machinery - and nobody knows those benchmarks like Donkervoort.

Certificate of Authenticity

Certified peace of mind

Restored glory

If you have a “vintage” Donkervoort you’d like to restore to its original condition, Donkervoort can provide the expertise, craft and precision from both when it was new and today.

Only Donkervoort can deliver a complete or partial restoration of your Donkervoort, while utilising the original parts and, in some cases, the original craftsmen.

We would be delighted to advise you on a suitable strategy for bringing your current or future Donkervoort classic back to top condition.

Bring Them Home To Us

It doesn’t matter when it was built, if it’s a Donkervoort, then Donkervoort knows best how to service it and repair it.

If your car has been damaged or crashed, Donkervoort is uniquely placed to make the quality, high-tech components to repair it.

The beauty of the triangular tube-frame chassis structure is that it’s relatively easy (and accurate) for Donkervoort to repair almost any damage and return a car as good as new, regardless of its age.

Donkervoort can even make suspension or composite repairs at the factory and return your car once more using every ounce of craftsmanship and love we have for the product.

Work carried out without expert knowledge of the driving characteristics of a Donkervoort can seriously degrade its appearance and value.

That’s why you should always get in touch with Donkervoort Automobielen first in the event of damage.

Genuine Donkervoorts Use Genuine Parts

The very first Donkervoort was built with the understanding that it would need looking after for decades to come, and so was every car that followed it.

That’s one of the reasons why Donkervoort has an entire backlog of original parts for every Donkervoort model ever made.

Of course, there are some parts that are harder to come by than others, but we know where we got each part, and we know how to find more of them.

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