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Donkervoort F22

Purity of Purpose. A History.

From humble but ambitious beginnings in 1978, Donkervoort cars have grown in speed, design and quality with every generation. In 45 years, Donkervoort has created ground-breaking cars, world-beating cars and astonishingly personalized cars. Every car Donkervoort ever made is born with the ethos of light weight, uncompromising design and the strength that only comes with engineering for extreme speed. Each car has been better than the one before it as Donkervoort evolved into a globally respected creator of unique machines that delivered both high-art design and supercar-smashing speed. The timeline of Donkervoort cars might seem surprisingly long, but each car represents the maximum Donkervoort could create in the era, with every innovation it could squeeze in.

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Since 1978, a total of over 1,500 Donkervoorts have been hand built in Tienhoven, Loosdrecht and Lelystad. This makes every Donkervoort a truly unique specimen with a story all its own.

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