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Donkervoort D8 Audi e-gas

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donkervoort d8 audi e-gas, wide track, grey, front


Lelystad (NL)
630 kg
Audi 1.8-litre 20V E-gas turbo
effective capacity
maximum power
154kW (210hp) at 5700rpm

Exceeding expectations

The 2004 D8 Audi (E-gas) Wide Track was exceeding expectations in testing and development.

There were two major upgrades with the E-gas, and the most obvious was the move away from a cable-operated throttle pedal to an electronic version.

Donkervoort drivers reported that the D8 E-gas was far more accurate and more driveable because of the new throttle system, but also because its front track was 5cm wider, giving them more confidence turning in to corners.

The 630kg D8 Audi E-gas had three performance outputs, ranging from 100kW (150hp), 132kW (180hp) and 154kW (210hp) from the four-cylinder turbo motor.

That gave it acceleration to 100km/h ranging from 4.5 to six seconds, and it had a 230km/h top speed.

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