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The Fastest Way To Own A Donkervoort

It takes six months to create a new Donkervoort, but you can drive away in a Pre-Owned car tomorrow. And every Pre-Owned Donkervoort carries a Certificate of Authenticity.

A Pre-Owned Donkervoort is the ideal way to enter the world of Donkervoort ownership, whether you simply can’t wait for your new car to be built, or whether you can.

There is peace of mind in every Pre-Owned Donkervoort achieving the company’s Certificate of Authenticity, and there’s even more peace of mind through the standard six-month warranty.

And, like new Donkervoorts, we deliver competitive trade ins, whether the cars come from Donkervoort or any other brand.

Current Pre-Owned Cars

From Near-New to Classic

Donkervoort's Pre-Owned offer usually has a curated mix of near-new and classical Donkervoorts, with a range of mileages. One thing in common is they all have a Certificate of Authenticity.

get in early

Pre-Owned cars can come and go very quickly on our page, so get in early to be notified about cars you're interested in before they are even posted. Add your search to the Donkervoort database and we will notifiy you of any car that meets your criteria before it even comes on to the public market.

The first step

Joining the Donkervoort extended family, whether with a new car or a Pre Loved car of any age, starts with an appointment. Click through the link to the Pre-Owned contact form to receive the personal service that will get you on the road to becoming a Donkervoort owner.

Our unique selection

Donkervoort D8 210 2001
€ 64.900,-
35.500 km
frequently asked questions

your questions

Donkervoort has a large international following of enthusiasts and owners of new or used cars. For all Donkervoort owners or soon-to-be owners, Donkervoort aims to deliver a hassle-free and crystal-clear purchasing process. A number of obstacles in the purchase and sale of Donkervoort cars have been removed, but some topics (such as VAT and homologation) sometimes raise questions from future owners. By clicking the link below, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Donkervoort pre-owned cars.

More Donkervoort

Putting The Class In Classics

Ready to own yours?
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