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Donkervoort has a large international following of enthusiasts and owners of new or used cars. For all Donkervoort owners or soon-to-be owners, Donkervoort aims to deliver a hassle-free and crystal-clear purchasing process. A number of obstacles in the purchase and sale of Donkervoort cars have been removed, but some topics (such as VAT and homologation) sometimes raise questions from future owners. In the following list, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Donkervoort pre-owned cars.

Of course, you can trade in your current Donkervoort when purchasing a pre-owned Donkervoort. We are always happy to see familiar (car) faces. We are also the best placed to sell your Donkervoort at the best price. We also trade-in cars from other brands.

Cars registered in The Netherlands are subject to the BPM tax (Dutch luxury tax). If a Dutch car is sold to a customer in the Netherlands, the price applied includes the BPM. The BPM is refunded If a Dutch car is to be exported outside of the Netherlands, and the customer presents proof of registration in another country within six weeks from the date of the export.

Cars with prior registration to a private person are subject to the "Marge" ruling, which means the VAT cannot be deducted, and the car must be sold with the European VAT paid.

If a car is registered to companies with a VAT number, that car can be sold without VAT. If a car with deductible VAT is sold to a private person, the VAT must be paid in the country of destination. If a car with deductible VAT is sold to a company with a VAT number outside the Netherlands, the invoice will be made excluding VAT. The VAT status of cars we offer is described in the advertisement.

Starting from the D8 GTO MY2012, all Donkervoort cars benefit from European small series homologation. These Donkervoorts are delivered with a certificate of conformity that is recognized in all European Union member countries and also in several other countries outside the EU. These cars do not need to be homologated in the country of destination and the registration is therefore very straightforward.

Any Donkervoort cars built before the Donkervoort D8 GTO, or with production before 2012 do not benefit from the European small series homologation. These cars need to receive individual homologation in the country of destination. Donkervoort Automobielen and its local partners can provide help for the individual homologation of the car.

The price mentioned in the advertising is an ex-works price (delivery at the Donkervoort factory). Donkervoort can offer individual transport services in closed trailer all over Europe. Please contact us to get more information about the prices and conditions for transport of pre-owned cars.

Donkervoort pre-owned cars are sold with the legal Dutch warranty of six months. In some cases the car can be sold without a warranty or with one or two years of warranty. The warranty condition which applies to the car is described in the advertising. Transport to and from the factory for warranty cases is not covered by the warranty.

All cars offered in the pre-owned section of the Donkervoort website are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. To obtain this certificate, Donkervoort cars must comply with the factory standards and receive sufficient scores at the annual Inspection for the Certificate of Authenticity. Donkervoort pre-owned cars are not necessarily fully serviced upon delivery. To obtain the Certificate of Authenticity, Donkervoort cars must be in good technical condition and that includes service. Upon request, Donkervoort can provide extra services to the cars following the prices described in our After Sales and Service price list.

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