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Strong Supercars, Stronger Management

Donkervoort never compromises on its promise to create extremely personal cars that are deeply engaging to drive. It combines surprising innovation with strong traditional carmaking values.

The family-owned Donkervoort supercar maker focuses on extreme customisation, innovative technology and ultra lightweight to give drivers a full immersion driving experience unmatched by any rival.

Now with Denis Donkervoort, a second-generation Donkervoort Managing Director, at the helm, it focuses tautly on delivering a combination of brilliant supercars and unforgettable customer service.

The cars, as they have been for more than 45 years, stand on the pillars of ultra lightweight, immersive driver feedback and accuracy, cornering muscle and surprising robustness.

No other supercar maker can boast Donkervoort’s levels of customer service, from transporting cars to organised racetrack events to keeping them warm over winter, to maintaining them so well that more than 99% of Donkervoorts are still on the road.

No two Donkervoorts are identical, and Donkervoort prides itself on translating customer wishes into cars they will grow deeper in love with for years to come.

the rise of denis donkervoort

Donkervoort founder Joop Donkervoort always knew his son Denis was equally at home behind the wheel of a fast car and behind the desk making tough management decisions. Since his elevation to the helm of Donkervoort in 2021, Denis has broadened its footprint to the Middle East and the USA, where he went to University, and has overseen the development of his first all-new Donkervoort. Still fast behind the wheel of a Donkervoort, the Dubai 24 Hour winner finds time to test drive every single Donkervoort that leaves the Lelystad headquarters.

standing alone together

Donkervoort has always been an independent, family-owned company, but it has also always been aware of partnership opportunities that benefit its customers.

It has never needed outside investment, and that’s partly because of its careful management and partly because Donkervoort fosters an extended-family working environment.

This has lead to a free exchange of ideas and surprising innovations, like the Ex-Core carbon-fibre process, governed by a tight-knit management group.

Donkervoort has had partnerships with companies like Ford, Audi and Audi Sport, and has below-the-line agreements with some surprising companies. This goes both ways, too, with other companies, for example from the Formula 1 and hypercars industries, partnering with Donkervoort for its Ex-Core technology, and its unmatched handling expertise.

Strength in depth

Denis Donkervoort sits at Donkervoort’s head, and has already made his mark as a strong leader with an unmatched knowledge of how to deliver the handling intimacy Donkervoort owners crave.

Denis works with a strong team, with the most obvious member being founder and advisor Joop Donkervoort.

The day-to-day management work falls to the creative Design and Development head Jordi Wiersma, Production and Supply Chain leader Leon Vergunst and Engineering and Homologation leader Jan Willem Schoenmakers.

Externally, some big car industry names have so much enthusiasm for the uncompromising focus of Donkervoort that they ask to be involved, including ex-F1 chassis guru Paul Fickers and Ford of Europe Design Director Amko Leenarts.

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