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Strong Supercars, Stronger Management

Why compromise?

Unique supercar speed, crafted your way. Only by Donkervoort.

Donkervoort is a family company that crafts the fastest, lightweight supercars in the world, with a unique look and unshakable customer service. No two Donkervoorts are identical, thanks to almost limitless customisation, and Donkervoort uses technical innovation to deliver hypercar-slaying speed, then backs it up with driving events on both road and track and Donkervoort promises to be available to maintain every car, for life.


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fearless innovation

Donkervoort is obsessed with using technology to improve its supercars, but with one key proviso: new technological innovations are only embraced if they improve the driving experience for the customer. Donkervoort absorbed innovation repeatedly over the last 45 years, and became so renowned in carbon fiber that its Ex-Core system was spun off into its own company. Ex-Core delivered a 3kg, single-piece door that meets all crash safety requirements, and that’s a customer win in any language.

Future Proof

As a family company, Donkervoort plans ahead for the next 50 years, and not just the next quarterly report.

It has countless innovations to its credit that have boosted its supercars, but it also integrates breakthroughs from world-leading partners to keep its future exciting and sustainable.

Donkervoort’s obsession with ultra light weight also means it doesn’t need the heavy complications of hybrid and EV powertrains to meet global emissions requirements.

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