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Making Memories, Together

You wanted a Donkervoort, and Donkervoort wants you to explore it completely. Donkervoort doesn't just sell you a car, but gives you entry to a car lover's lifestyle, with track days, driver training programs and even tours.

With Donkervoort, you never just own a car. You own an entry ticket to a world of engagement and experiences, making it easy for you to immerse yourself in your car.

But Donkervoort Experiences and Events go further, giving you safe and controlled opportunities to explore the limits of your supercar, and driver training to take advantage of all of its potential.

Donkervoort also organises Tours around different parts of Europe with other Donkervoort owners, with first class dining, accommodation and service.

Like each Donkervoort car, each Donkervoort Experience can be tailor made to each owner, whether you like to fly to events while your car is transported, or whether you prefer to drive. Whether you can only spare one day, or two or three.

And we even have regular factory tours, so you can see our cars being created in real time.

Owner Feedback

What Do Other Owners Say?

“After purchasing our Donkervoort, we didn’t need to think about what we wanted to do with it. The hard part was to choose which events to go to as there were so many choices!”

When, What, Where.

The same attention to detail that is lavished on our supercars is spent on making our tours, track days and other events feel like a carefree and enjoyable experience. Our experienced Events team offers full service with a personal, fast and friendly touch. From transport, technical support and coaching to Donkervoort pit boxes at race tracks, luxurious hotels and the camaraderie of drivers’ dinners. Every detail is perfectly taken care of to ensure your experience is as relaxing as possible. 

Events & Experiences in 2024

Showcase Experiences

Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort

F1 Circuit Zandvoort

Friday 6/21/2024

Lap Times Are Yours

Managing Director Denis Donkervoort loves being on a racetrack and will lap all day.

Others prefer short, sharp stabs at the track before a rest and reset. Still more prefer to “sneak” up on the track, leaving their hot laps to last.

Donkervoort can do more than help you to configure your ideal drive day. Our personal service can help you configure your entire track-day season!

not just drive events

Everything on a Donkervoort Experience event can be tailored to suit the drivers and passengers.


From special foods to preparing and transporting cars, from on-track coaching and data analysis to on-track repairs, and from custom-tailored race wear to booking flights.

Donkervoort Experience can take care of the details so you can just arrive, drive, and enjoy.

Travel experiences

While everybody loves track days, there are times when life just asks you to slow down and look at the scenery, and Donkervoort Experiences caters for those days, too.

There are plenty of tours on public roads, organised around significant historical sites or simply beautiful scenery and winding roads.

These range from our longer Ambassador Tours to shorter Weekender Tours, and they can all be tailored to suit any schedule.

unlock hidden secrets

The track is where your Donkervoort reveals its hidden secrets to you.

It’s the place where you can become intimate with your own limits and the limits of your Donkervoort in relative safety, with no oncoming cars or police radars.

Donkervoort Track Experiences are the signature Donkervoort experience, and you will be reminded of your bond with your Donkervoort every time you see it tempting you from your own garage.

Driver Training

Donkervoort Driver Training covers a series of one-day courses, developed exclusively for Donkervoort cars and Donkervoort drivers.

The courses are focused around safety, control and enjoyment, and are structured to make drivers feel more “at one” with their cars, while being able to get the best out of them.

Each training session brings together a small group of like-minded people under highly skilled trainers.

Engage, Discover, Connect

Discover the world of Donkervoort at our Showcase Experiences, where our supercars grace spectacular settings—from car shows to art exhibitions and beyond.

We’re excited to meet you and share our passion for automotive excellence.

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