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Never Get Tyred of Track Driving

Donkervoort has track days to suit every driving standard, and every standard of ambition. And, of course, they are fully catered and tailored to each driver.

You have one of the world’s fastest supercars, and now what do you do with it?

If you want to push its sky-high performance limits – and your own – in safety, there’s no better way than joining one of Donkervoort’s Track Experiences.

Tailored for everybody from a complete novice to a regular racer, Donkervoort Track Experiences are fully catered, from top-level dining and catering services to driver training to on-site vehicle maintenance.

And, of course, only Donkervoort drivers can join.

All track experiences in 2024

Track experiences

Track Day Zandvoort

F1 Circuit Zandvoort

Wednesday 10/16/2024

Pick your program

We offer two kinds of Track Experience programs, to cater for all levels of experience with equal enthusiasm. There are Track days and there are Test days, and both are spread over either a full day or two days.

Track and Test Track Days are open to drivers with any level of experience, though a Driver Training session is recommended.

A maximum of 40 cars for each Track and Test session, and they’re the perfect way to get familiar with and enjoy your Donkervoort in the wild.

We have tailored the Clubsport Track Days for the fastest and most experienced Donkervoort drivers. Held at Grand Prix tracks like Spa-Francorchamps, the Clubsport Track Experiences are designed for very fast driving and for drivers to push to improve their lap times.

The maximum capacity for Clubsport Track Experiences is just 25 cars.

Arrive and Drive

Donkervoort pioneered the concept of arrive-and-drive with the Donkervoort Cup one-make racing series from 1993 to 2001, and it laid the groundwork for what we do today.

Everything about Donkervoort Track Experiences can be as tailored to your needs as you require.

We are happy if you want to drive your car to the circuit, and we are equally happy if you want us to arrange protected transport for your car and a flight for you to meet it there.

We can even arrange to have your car fully prepared at our factory before the track day, fully covered by our trained mechanics and their completely equipped facilities at the track, and fully inspected at the factory again afterwards.

Formula 1 knows best

Which Tracks, and Why?

We could hold Donkervoort Track Experiences at all kinds of racetracks, but we prefer Grand Prix circuits for a number of reasons.

Firstly, driving your Donkervoort on a Formula 1 circuit is a special event by itself.

Secondly, Grand Prix circuits tend to have the best run off areas and safety systems and thirdly, who doesn’t want to compare their times to an F1 car?

And while Donkervoorts are built for the road, very few road cars feel at home on a racetrack like a Donkervoort does.

Tailored to any need

Just like every Donkervoort itself, every Donkervoort drive day can be made to measure for every parameter.

The range of services can be completely tailored to any Donkervoort owner’s needs, whether they are logistics, luxury, driver training, car transport, customized safety apparel or just vehicle maintenance. There is no comparison to the range of services offered on a Donkervoort drive event.

All you ever need to do is to show up and enjoy yourself. Every other logistical, luxury, travel or mechanical issue is taken care of for you.

For more information or registration for Donkervoort drive events, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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