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Crafted, not built

Every Donkervoort is a unique piece of fast art on wheels, and is as individually crafted as its owners want them to be.

Donkervoort works closely with its customers to create a car as individual as they are, and that’s why no two Donkervoorts are ever identical.

Besides making an unmistakeable statement in design, Donkervoorts also make an unmistakeable statement in the details, all of which can be tailored to suit each owner.

They become individual pieces of art on wheels, with the unfiltered driving experience from the engineering matched by the unfiltered personal experience of the customisation.

By You, by us

Donkervoort makes each car by hand, from the very first weld of the chassis to the last interior stitch, so it can turn your car to be YOUR car, down to the last detail.

All the care and passion of Donkervoort goes into each car, and our team can help you to turn your ideas and emotions into a living, breathing supercar. And you will know that it’s yours and only yours, every time you walk out to drive it.

Make the difference

Creating your Donkervoort

Challenge us

While you can tick boxes for options at other supercar makers, Donkervoort asks its customers to challenge us to find new ways to express themselves in their cars.

Whether it’s inventing a paint colour or a way to trim a car that’s never been tried before, or a unique ride setup or even a totally unique body style, Donkervoort will do everything it can, within type approval restrictions, to meet your demands.

Stay up to date

Other car companies demand you buy a new car to take advantage of new technology or developments. Not Donkervoort.

Donkervoort owners can retrofit new innovations long after their supercars leave Lelystad, and that can include everything from air conditioning to performance improvements and even power steering.

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