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Crafted, not built

No other brand takes as much time and effort to turn your ideas and dreams into your unique supercar, custom made for you, and reflecting your personality perfectly.

No other brand promises to take exquisite care of your supercar for its entire life, starting from the moment you make your deposit with us.

Not only will Donkervoort work with you to ensure your car is a perfect expression of your ideas – and only your ideas – but every piece of it will be crafted, assembled and checked with the same care.

Donkervoort makes the core of each car in-house, right from laser-cutting the metal tubes of the chassis to copper welding the triangular segments together, and reinforcing them with carbon-fiber supports.

These segments make Donkervoorts exceptionally strong, safe and light.

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small series, high standards


Donkervoort was the first car maker to be given European type approval for a small-series car and its hard-nosed engineering approach is still reaping rewards for its customers.

From innovative carbon fiber technology to easily repaired chassis pieces, from stiff and safe carbon seats to constant braking innovation, from immense quality control to the Managing Director personally testing each new car, nobody makes cars like Donkervoort.

Quality Control

Each generation of new Donkervoort has given the company experience and evolved its quality processes, and those processes begin from the very first design sketches.

While Donkervoorts have extremely high standards of reliability and quality control, their production will never be dominated by robots, but by experts who love your car as much as you will.

Welding works

There are more complex ways to make a supercar chassis than the Donkervoort way, but none are more precise - and precision is everything – and none are lighter.

Donkervoort laser cuts thin-wall tubular steel sections, copper welds them into (mostly) triangles and reinforces them with carbon-fiber and Ex-Core carbon-fiber.

The D8 GTO chassis weighed just 54kg and could be picked up by one man, yet it passed every crash regulation and proved so stiff that it helped the D8 GTO-JD70 beyond the 2G cornering barrier.

No other supercar can match a Donkervoort chassis strength-to-stiffness ratio.

Carbon Core

Donkervoort has evolved its pioneering Ex-Core carbon-fiber technology for its latest model, and the sandwich system is now more widely used than ever.

Pre-preg carbon-fiber pieces are used in the chassis to add stiffness in specific directions, without a significant weight cost.

Ex-Core developments allowed Donkervoort’s designers and engineers to think of solutions that would not have been possible without it.

Assembling Dreams

It takes three to five years to design, engineer and validate each all-new Donkervoort, and we take care to build them with painstaking accuracy.

That’s why each car takes around six months to create, and why we build no more than 50 cars a year.

Each of our 40 production experts hand assemble our cars, following specific processes, and check their work against computer specifications.

No two Donkervoorts coming out of Lelystad are ever the same, because the cars are continuously being developed, and that can only be done with a flexible, precision process.

make it yours

The upside of a hand-built supercar is that it gives Donkervoort the flexibility to create a supercar just for you, from any stage of the build.

If you need extra rigidity, we can do that. If you want your chassis tubes painted in stripes, we can organise it. If you want to surprise your partner with a car that reflects his or her favourite colour, handbag or sports team, that’s OK with us, too.

Challenge us, and you will see the customisation advantages that you simply cannot find from a factory where robots churn out 100,000 cars a year.

Donkervoort is a boutique manufacturer and the options for your car are virtually endless. We go to extreme lengths to make your Donkervoort, YOUR Donkervoort.

quality rules

The D8 GTO series was created using a production process unmatched in boutique car manufacturing.

Based on a combination of more than 40 years of Donkervoort car-making experience and the latest advances, the new manufacturing system involves all 40 Donkervoort manufacturing personnel to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and accuracy.

Safety cell

Safety is critical to Donkervoort, and always has been.

Our safety development process begins in the sketches, moves to testing individual components and sub assemblies (like the drivetrain and suspension) and analysing them for fatigue and structural performance.

We analyse the parts physically and through software, make any necessary revisions and only once we are satisfied that the safety is at the level we demand do we test on racetracks.

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