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Commitment to Service - For Life

Donkervoort's attitude to customer cars is to keep them fit and healthy so our owners need only to relax and enjoy their cars without worrying about anything at all.

Donkervoort’s attitude to the cars it builds is to take care of everything about them, so the customer doesn’t have to.

If the cars are fit, strong and happy, so are their owners, and we see it as our role to keep it that way.

At Donkervoort, your maintenance needs, upgrade requests, specification changes and even where and how your cars are taken care of are all tailor-managed to suit each individual owner.

Just as no two Donkervoorts are identical, so no two Donkervoort owners have identical schedules or lifestyles, so let us fit in with you.

At your disposal

Repair and Restoration

Donkervoort keeps 99% of its cars on the road because we know how to repair Donkervoorts just as well as we know how to build them.
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