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Donkervoort Care Program

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Donkervoort Care Program

Owning and driving a Donkervoort is about having a good time and enjoying one of the most engaging cars in the world.

It is crucial for us that Donkervoort owners get to enjoy their cars as much as possible, as often as possible, and that no constraint comes in the way of driving pleasure.

Therefore, we created the Donkervoort Care program, an all-included service program with pick-up and delivery of the car for each service. The Donkervoort Care program also includes an extended warranty of your Donkervoort from two to four years for even more peace of mind.


  • Warranty extension from two to four years

  • Annual maintenance of the car for four years according to the service schedule (excepted driver consumable parts such as tyres or brakes) *

  • Yearly renewal of the Certificate of Authenticity

  • Transport of your car in a closed trailer from and to your preferred location before and after the service **

  • The opportunity for updates to your F22 as they become available

  • A 10% discount on extra works (replacement of consumable parts, upgrades, etc.)

  • Works performed at the factory by Donkervoort experts

  • Emergency phone support

The Donkervoort Care Program has been launched together with the F22. 
In our tailor-made fashion, pre-owned Donkervoort GTOs that are less than two years old can also benefit from a made-to-measure Donkervoort Care Program.


Donkervoort Care

Car located up to 250 km from the factory
Excl. VAT €6.400,00 / Incl. 21% VAT €7.744,00


Donkervoort Care Plus

Car located between 250 and 1.500 km from the factory
Excl. VAT €9.800,00 / Incl. 21% VAT €11.858,00


* Exceptional wear due to track use is not covered - the car must be used according to warranty conditions

** The car must be made available at any time for maintenance - flexible transport conditions

*** Only available for cars located in Europe with a maximum distance

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