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No supercar maker works as diligently, with as much expertise, to ensure its customers enjoy an optimal ownership experience, from cars to events and to taking care of your car, for life.

A Donkervoort is about so much more than owning a supercar.

Donkervoort ownership is your ticket to membership of the extended Donkervoort family, complete with the shared experiences of organised luxury events like track days and tours around the world.

Donkervoort owners inevitably become our very best ambassadors.

It is also an extended family with unprecedented knowledge of Donkervoort cars and how to get the best out of them, with both official and unofficial social networks run by passionate owners.

They share the same enthusiasm for early S8As and D8 models as they do for the latest high-tech supercars, so age is no barrier for either cars or people.

Bonding experiences

Owner Events

Great Expectations

Every Donkervoort service can be tailor-made for you.

You won’t just have a unique car, but every slice of how Donkervoort interacts with you will also be unique to you.

If you prefer us to transport your car to far-off locations while you arrive when your schedule allows, we can organise it.

If you have a question or suggestion, we are always here.

Donkervoort will be completely comfortable with whatever level of interaction you prefer.

Classic Donkervoorts

Building the car is just the start for Donkervoort, and this commitment to the lifetime care of our cars means more than 98% of them are still on the road or on the track.

Pre-loved Donkervoorts are sought-after collectors' items and Donkervoort offers everything from maintenance to repairs to the total restoration of any Donkervoort ever built.

We even offer a Certificate of Authenticity for Donkervoort owners, showing their cars contain only authorised parts and have only been serviced and repaired by approved Donkervoort experts.

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