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Maintenance & Service

Donkervoort won't just service your car. It will welcome it back like the long-lost friend it actually is.

Donkervoort can put together annual maintenance options that are both easy and transparent, and can be precisely attuned to your wishes. After all, your Donkervoort is just as individual as you are, and all drivers have their own style.

Because each Donkervoort is tailor-made to its owner’s requests, each Donkervoort is just that little bit different from all of its siblings – and only Donkervoort really knows every last detail there is to know.

Of the 1500+ Donkervoorts ever built, an industry-leading percentage of them return to Donkervoort’s factory and/or one of the Service Points for maintenance and repairs.

The craftsmanship and the tried-and-tested factory setting and the attention to detail ensure that the majority of international owners bring their Donkervoort back home when they need to be taken care of.

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