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Safety remains our top priority at all Donkervoort Owner Events. To ensure you're fully protected on the track, we offer an array of Donkervoort Racing Equipment from our latest collaborations with Bell and HRX. Customisable to match your style, and your Donkervoort.

Each Bell helmet, the lightest race helmet on the market, is meticulously hand-painted by skilled artisans and is as distinctive as your Donkervoort. It has a limited availability of only 100 pieces and is equipped with protective cases and optional communication sets. The HRX racing suits, along with a range of accessories, offer exceptional performance and personalisation.

Unsure about the appropriate attire for a Donkervoort Track Experience? The key is to balance comfort, safety, and of course, some style. Your outfit should enable ease of movement while driving. Wearing a race suit, fire-resistant underwear, racing gloves, and a HANS system is mandatory for good protection on a track day.

We offer a full range of customised safety apparel in the Donkervoort Store. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made offer, or download the complete Information Package, including measurement instructions, below.


Gain access to our detailed guide on Donkervoort Racing Equipment, which includes all the new racing gear from our latest collaborations with Bell and HRX, as well as package pricing.
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