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Certified Artworks

Results consistently prove that cars with a Donkervoort Certificate of Authenticity attract a sales premium over cars that don't. Customers clearly think it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Classic Donkervoorts are rising in value and one day yours will become one of them, so protect it with the Donkervoort Certificate of Authenticity.

Your Donkervoort is a one-off, custom-made machine. It is unique, even amongst Donkervoorts, so it should be maintained and repaired by the people who made it.

The Donkervoort Certificate of Authenticity brings peace of mind to both buyers and sellers, and each car that carries it has met a standard of excellence that Donkervoort is proud to put its name to.


Every car with a Certificate of Authenticity meets the highest possible standards of quality and originality. Even repair work or crash damage repairs are included.

The benefits include:

  • Ease of insurance

  • Ease of finance

  • Peace of mind

  • Higher resale values

  • Original parts throughout

  • Any repairs have been either done by or authenticated by Donkervoort.

Authenticated Art

The Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) takes around five hours to complete and, to highlight the gravity of the process, Donkervoort managing director Denis Donkervoort himself is frequently involved in the detailed inspection.

There are 16 categories, involving more than 175 points, to be inspected on each car, with a score from one to 10 for each category. These category scores are averaged (though some safety and authenticity categories are considered more important than others) and broken down into Technical Condition, Appearance and Authenticity.

A CoA is only issued when a car scores more than six in each of the three final sections, and the certificate must be renewed annually.

Owners of successful cars receive the CoA, which will be added to each year, an assessment report to break down the scoring and a nine-page factory inspection report detailing every aspect of the inspection.

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