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A made-to-measure car requires a made-to-measure insurance . That is why Donkervoort has developed a special Donkervoort Insurance in conjunction with Meijers Assuranti├źn (NL-only for the time being). Of course, every aficionado prefers to keep his Donkervoort damage-free, but if it ever goes wrong, you naturally want to have suitable insurance. That is why we offer various insurances: for new Donkervoorts (based on new value), for pre-owned Donkervoorts (based on purchase value) and for classics and youngtimers (based on value). And because Donkervoorts also do well on the race track, track coverage is also an option.


Of course, you want to keep your Donkervoort damage free. But if it does go wrong, then you want the handling and repair to be in good hands. The Donkervoort Insurance is for new and pre-owned Donkervoort's as well as for classics and youngtimers. And even for the race track!

Please contact the Donkervoort Service Department for any questions or for additional information, or contact Meijers Insurance directly.

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