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Making Donkervoorts shine again

Donkervoort keeps 99% of its cars on the road because we know how to repair Donkervoorts just as well as we know how to build them.

That goes for everything from crash repairs to general service to making Donkervoorts shine to a show-stopper level.

We know things can go wrong on the track or the street, which is why Donkervoorts are almost infinitely repairable, and why damaged Donkervoorts can be repaired by the same people who made them.

The same goes for everything else in the car. The Donkervoort factory typically has the parts - and the experts - on hand to fix just about any problem that might arise.

Donkervoort also offers a full restoration service, to bring cars back to the way they left the factory, whether that was 10 years ago or 40, because we love building Donkervoorts, whether they’re old or new.

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