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1.600 km
Year of registration
Price inc. Vat & BPM
VAT Deductible

Donkervoort D8 GTO Individual Series

Opting for this GTO Individual Series is a testament to a commitment to individuality and unparalleled driving enjoyment. 

Drenched in the stunning Viola Mithras, this GTO Individual Series exemplifies meticulous customisation. The original owner has fully embraced Donkervoort's bespoke offerings. Distinctive features such as the square pattern on the seats, the full hypercar carbon pack, light champagne-coloured wheels, and Denis Donkervoort's autograph on the dashboard elevate this vehicle to a realm of its own.

The Viola Mithras hue is captivating, with profound blue undertones that erupt into life under the sunlight—a hue that ensures distinction as if a Donkervoort could ever blend into the background!

This iteration stands among the most potent, fortified with the ABT Powerpack, boosting the performance to a breathtaking 435 bhp—an option exclusive to the GTO Individual Series, gracing only a select few vehicles.

Its configuration doesn't just stop at aesthetics; it is replete with amenities aimed at enhancing driving comfort, including power steering, climate control, heated seating, a reverse camera, and a wind deflector, ensuring the car is as pleasurable to use as it is to behold.

With under 2,000 km traversed exclusively on open roads, this vehicle is just at the threshold of being broken in. It beckons those who yearn to dive into the Donkervoort experience immediately and without reservation.


The cabin, swathed in black Alcantara, features stitching that mirrors the exterior's vibrant tone. Utmost attention has been given to ensuring the interior space is as welcoming as it is exhilarating.

The distinctive square seat pattern is a hallmark of the GTO Individual Series, and the wind deflector is meticulously designed to minimized turbulence within the cabin.


  • Model
    Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70
  • Mileage
    1.600 km
  • Year of registration
  • Country of registration
  • Number of previous owners
  • Full service history
  • Warranty
    One year factory warranty
  • Engine
    Audi 2.5l TFSI Turbo
  • Max power
    435 hp - ABT Pack
  • Transmission
    Tremec 5-speed manual
  • Differential
    Performance limited slip differential with cooling system
  • Brakes
    Performance (6-piston system)
  • Suspension
    Performance with adjustable stabilisation and 4-way ARC-schocks
  • Body colour
    Lamborghini Viola Mithras
  • Rims
    Light champagne
  • Roll bar
  • Roof, doors and tonneau
  • Headlights
  • Mirrors
    Standard, in body colour
  • Seats
    Black Alcantara with purple stitching
  • Upholstery
    Black Alcantara with purple stitching
  • Seatbelts
    6-point harnesses
  • Dashboard
    Exposed carbon dashboard with AIM MXS display
  • Steering wheel
    Black Momo steering wheel with quick release
  • Brake balance
  • Control systems
    Adjustable traction control - Race ABS
  • Extra
    Air conditioning - Rear view camera - Seat heating - Servo steering
  • Wind package + Windschott
  • Poncho
Technicians note

Checked on 175 aspects

In the realm of motoring, the distinction between new and pre-owned can often be stark, yet here it is a fine line. With less than 2,000 km recorded, this GTO mirrors its initial condition as it departed the factory—with no hint of its prior journeys save for the odometer's tale.

 Technically impeccable and with the ABT Powerpack, this GTO doesn't just perform—it thrills, excites, and redefines expectations.

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