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Loosdrecht (NL)
630 kg
effective capacity
1.8-litre turbo 20V AGU
maximum power
180kW (245hp) at 5700rpm

a change of heart

Donkervoort’s relationship with Audi began on the bends and crests of the Nürburgring, and when Ford announced it would kill off the Zetec engines Donkervoort used, Audi leapt at the chance to join forces and create the 1999 D8 Audi.

It benefitted Donkervoort customers, because the Audi’s 1.8T engine met stricter emissions requirements, as well as being lighter and more compact than the Ford engines.

An all-new stronger, stiffer chassis, completely made in-house for the first time, mounted the smaller engine so far back that it became a mid-engined car.

The leap forward in weight distribution delivered huge improvements in handling and drivability, Donkervoort drivers loved it.

Donkervoort launched the D8 Audi with three engine outputs – 110kW (150hp), 132kW (180hp) and 180kW (245hp) – to create a user-chooser range for the first time.

The 245hp D8 Audi 180R race version quickly became the weapon of choice for the Donkervoort Cup.

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