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donkervoort s8, red


Tienhoven (NL)
625 kg
effective capacity
2.0-liter OHC
maximum power
81kW (110hp) at 5400rpm

The best seven ever

The second Donkervoort model came in 1980, with the S8 making a triumphant debut tour of the Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Brussels and Amsterdam auto shows.

Affectionately dubbed ‘the best Seven ever’ by critics, it was a more mature car and its huge sales success laid the platform for Donkervoort today.

The stronger 2.0-litre OHC Ford engine punched out 81kW (110hp) of power through a five-speed gearbox, and the car had a wider front track to give it greater cornering muscle.

It introduced a double-brake system for both balance adjustment and safety. It also became a surprisingly good tourer because mounting its two aluminium fuel tanks ahead of the rear axle helped with chassis balance and safety, but also gave it a useful luggage area.

At 625kg, it was 100kg heavier than the S7, but it was quicker, and capable of blasting to 100km/h in 6.0 seconds and on to a 190km/h top speed.

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