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Donkervoort S8A

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donkervoort s8a, brown


Loosdrecht (NL)
675 kg
effective capacity
2.0-liter 1993 cc
maximum power
86kW (117hp) at 5500rpm

The "A" for Amber

Joop upgraded his personal life with daughter, Amber, and a year later he upgraded the S8 to the S8A.

It had fuel injection, a wider and lighter chassis and an innovative rear suspension, and it also had the “A” for Amber.

Joop himself designed the S8A’s more elegant, streamlined front end, and it had a revolutionary Raumlenker rear axle, designed by computer.

The chassis combined bodywork that was fixed in place with both glue and pop rivets to make them stressed members and it was the first lightweight sportscar with fuel injection.

Fuel injection added power, and the top speed rose to 205km/h, making its acceleration almost as impressive as its cornering.

The car’s engineering was so innovative that Joop cut one in half to display at car shows, and the half S8A can still be seen at the Donkervoort factory in Lelystad, Netherlands.

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