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donkervoort s7, black and white, rain


Tienhoven (NL)
525 kg
Ford 1.6-liter OHC
effective capacity
1600 cc
maximum power
66kW (90hp) at 5500rpm

The birth of Donkervoort

Donkervoort founder Joop Donkervoort went from a sportscar fan to a sportscar maker with the S7 in 1978.

Overnight, the S7 made him a sportscar dealer, a designer, a developer, an engineer and a customer-service innovator as well.

The S7 was so well developed by the first-time carmaker that it became the first lightweight, small series sportscar ever awarded an official type approval in Europe.

The 1.6-litre OHC four-cylinder Ford engine delivered 66kw (90hp) and Donkervoort attached it to a four-speed gearbox.

The S7 was a surprise sensation, with its ultra low weight of 525kg helping it to reach 100km/h in seven seconds, and it ran on to 170km/h.

Though it was replaced after just two years, it taught Donkervoort many valuable lessons, and gave him and the company the confidence to make sportscars without compromises.

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