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Is the world ready for a naked F22?


Right from the beginning, Donkervoort has responded to the upswing in interest by making the technology available for every F22 customer.

The third generation of Donkervoort’s Bare Naked technology has evolved from a limited-edition model to a full factory option, giving every F22 owner the ability to see the carbon-fibre in their own bodywork through either a clear or coloured coat. It’s like an X-Ray that reveals the F22’s core for all to enjoy, all while shaving 10kg from the F22’s 750kg kerb weight.

The F22 Bare Naked option is available for all F22 models, giving Donkervoort owners a chance to own a fully exposed carbon-fibre bodywork usually only found at hypercar manufacturers.

”The Bare Naked option has already reached an unprecedented level of popularity amongst the first wave of F22 clients, and that’s not a surprise to us,” Donkervoort Managing Director Denis Donkervoort insisted.

“The X-Ray-style of Bare Naked lets customers see and show off the absolute precision of Donkervoort’s patented Ex-Core carbon-fibre technology, and the range of available clear colours is greater than ever.

“Besides being the most driver-focused supercar money can buy, with a unique extended-family ownership experience, Donkervoorts are also investments, and Bare Naked technology is proven to have an even stronger positive influence on values.”

The immensely strong Ex-Core carbon-fibre technology is now being used in Formula One, yachting, cycling, aviation and even by Toyota’s challenger in the World Endurance Championship. To be able to physically see the Ex-Core Parts with Bare Naked bodywork gives customers a unique talking point.

Technical specifications


strong demand

“We are in an unprecedented situation at Donkervoort, and it’s a testament to the design and engineering teams behind the F22 that demand is so strong,” Donkervoort explained.

“The buzz behind the F22 has introduced a new buyer group to our brand and broadened our extended customer family, and if they all want to go Bare Naked into the world, we will not stand in their way.”

Donkervoort has traditionally drawn strong demand from Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, but the first Bare Naked F22 is already on its way to the UAE, and there have also been orders from Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Finland and the United States.

“The design of the F22, along with its removable hard-top twin-targa roof and its long, sleek bonnet and rear wheel-arch wings, lends itself more to a coloured, clear-carbon body than even the JD70 did,” Donkervoort design chief Jordi Wiersma explained.

“The Bare Naked F22s are just going to be beautiful and very fast, and some of the new clear colours are astonishing.

“There is more Ex-Core carbon-fibre technology in the F22, and the ability to X-Ray down into that and be able to actually see what makes those pieces special is something no other supercar maker can achieve.”


F22s with the Bare Naked options will have similar power, torque and performance specifications as the initial 75 F22s, with the turbocharged, in-line, five-cylinder engine delivering almost 500 horsepower for the 730kg supercar.

The Bare Naked option slices 10kg from the F22’s weight, while the optional carbon-fibre rims remove another 10kg.

It will sprint to 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds, and to explode to 200km/h in 7.5 seconds, thanks to a power-to-weight ratio of 685hp per tonne - up from the F22’s 666hp per tonne.

The increased popularity of the F22 saw Donkervoort push the full production run out to 100 F22s, to be hand-crafted at Lelystad until mid-2025.

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