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Donkervoort D8 Zetec

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Loosdrecht (NL)
630 kg
effective capacity
1.8-litre Turbo Zetec
maximum power
132kW (180hp) at 6750rpm

the d8 era begins

The D8 Zetec became a legend with Donkervoort customers because of its ultra-light weight, its flexible engine and its user-friendly handling. Mostly, though, it was because of the speed and reliability.

Ford revealed its 1.8-litre Zetec Turbo engine in 1992 and Donkervoort fitted the 103kW (140hp) motor into the D8 in the same year.

The Zetec was lighter than the S8AT’s engine, pulling the weight down 50kg to just 630kg.

Donkervoort didn’t stop there, redesigning the D8 inside and out, fitting a smaller battery and WP adjustable shock absorbers and giving it a curved windscreen for the first time.

The 1995 Donkervoort D8 Zetec Sport, with 118kW (160hp), blew away its competition.

Donkervoort also developped a super light version of the D8 Zetec, the D8 Zetec Sport weighing less than 600kg (its bonnet was just 0.8mm thick), and using a 132kW (180hp) version of Zetec engine.

People still speak about that one in hushed tones.

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