Donkervoort drivers have always paid attention to the details, and with the Bare Naked Carbon Edition (BNCE) for the D8 GTO-JD70, they can do more of it.


Yes, the JD70 is taking off its painted clothes and stripping naked.

Available with either clear or coloured lacquer, in gloss or matte finishes, BNCE delivers a high-art texture and highlights the precision of Donkervoort’s carbon-fibre expertise, all while slashing up to six kilograms off the car.

Weight <694 kg
Acceleration 1,02G peak from a standing start
Lateral acceleration 2G in corners


But, like most things Donkervoort, we understand that one size does not fit all, so there are four levels of BNCE.

At the top of the BNCE options list is the Full Exposed Coloured Carbon edition, with every piece of carbon-Kevlar weave (which is 95 percent of the JD70’s bodywork) totally visible through a tinted clear coat.

There are blue, red, green, gold, grey and metallic coloured tints, but if anybody wants something else, of course we will try to match it.

“The woven carbon remains the same,” Donkervoort Automobielen Managing Director Denis Donkervoort explained.

“We use specially developed inks mixed into the clear coat to create the look of the colour in the fibre.

“We can also match the interior coloured carbon pieces to the exterior bodywork,” he confirmed.


Donkervoort offers four levels of BNCE carbon-fibre exposure, from the relatively subtle “exposed-carbon upgrade” up to the art package of the “full exposed carbon” option.

Exposed Carbon Upgrade: The entry level to the world of visible carbon shows off exposed carbon (in either matte or gloss coats) for the side panels, the engine-bay wings, the bonnet scoop, the triangular cover scoops and the full interior.

Hypercar Carbon Weave for Carbon upgrade pack: This reduces weight with clear coats on the side panels, the rear double diffuser and nose air guides

Full Exposed-Carbon upgrade: This shows the complete car in exposed carbon, including the exhaust cover. It reduces weight significantly.

Full-Exposed Coloured Carbon: Donkervoort delivers the complete car in coloured carbon, including the side-exhaust cover. It is an upgrade to add to the Full-Exposed Carbon upgrade.


Joop Donkervoort gave us all a car company and gave his customers a second family to enjoy. In return, we’ve given him the JD70 to honour his 70th birthday.

That’s why there will be only 70 JD70s built – one for each of his birthdays so far.


The Bare Naked Carbon Edition is a specific version of the JD70 and is therefore part of the limited series.

Check out the other versions of the D8 GTO-JD70 below:

Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70

Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 R


For the JD70’s full price list, please click the download link here.


The first step in joining the Donkervoort ownership family is asking about a Donkervoort, and it can start with something as simple as an email or a phone call.

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Donkervoorts hold their value reassuringly well, and they always have.

The easiest way to take everything the JD70 can offer is to contact Donkervoort Financial Services in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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