Purer yet, even more extreme and faster than ever. Meet the Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS.


The legendary RS is back! Every bit as ambitious as its predecessor, the D8 270 RS, which drew the world’s attention when it set the lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 2004 and 2006. Completely redesigned over the past three years – both in terms of design and at the technical level. The next generation Donkervoort, the ultimate record breaker.


The legendary pure sport engine of the D8 GTO-RS, the Audi 2.5L R5 TFSI, has been fully updated and meets the latest environmental requirements (EU6 emission standard). In addition – and perhaps more importantly – the engine management has been optimised, giving the engine in the RS greatly improved torque throughout the rev range. Result: even faster acceleration!

Improving the aerodynamics of a car with four open wheels is by definition ‘challenging’. Yet this challenge was one of the most important objectives during the design process of the D8 GTO-RS.

This new model marks the first time Donkervoort has succeeded in creating substantial downforce. This is directly reflected in the distinctive and eye-catching styling of the GTO-RS. The new nose design, the beautifully streamlined bodywork with the completely closed carbon fibre bottom plate with side skirts, the sleekly styled and easily removable upper doors and the various small spoilers and vanes contribute to a downforce of no less than 50 kg on the front axle and 50 kg on the rear axle. Compared to the D8 GTO the air resistance has been reduced by a whopping 20 per cent. The significant aerodynamic improvements result not only in greater stability of the car at high speeds but also increased top speed.


In addition, the GTO-RS includes a première: it marks the first time Donkervoort has utilised the patented X-Core production method for carbon fibre components it developed in-house. This advanced production method, which has now also attracted the attention of other automotive manufacturers, makes the carbon components used in the RS stronger and lighter thanks to a unique foam sandwich technique. Donkervoort will soon lift a corner of the veil over this special production technique.


The D8 GTO-RS is a Donkervoort in its purest form. For the real track day devotee the RS offers several more extra features that not only boost the lap times but the driving pleasure as well.

These include the RS’s brand new suspension system and, available as an option for the speed demon, a refined, fully adjustable racing ABS and traction-control system as well as an automatic double-clutching feature.


Even more aesthetically refined and sophisticated yet more functional than ever is the new interior of the D8 GTO-RS. The eye is immediately drawn to the new visible carbon fibre bottom structure, consisting of the floor plate and tunnel. With this design element the RS interior reflects the car’s no-nonsense, high-tech character. Additional functionalities have also been added inside, some of which can be found on the steering wheel.


The D8 GTO-RS is designed to appeal to all your senses, to relax you, but above all… for driving. A wide range of technical specifications will help you further facilitate the use of your Donkervoort.
The D8 GTO-RS is designed to appeal to all your senses, to relax you, but above all… for driving. A wide range of technical specifications will help you further facilitate the use of your Donkervoort.
The D8 GTO-RS is designed to appeal to all your senses, to relax you, but above all… for driving. A wide range of technical specifications will help you further facilitate the use of your Donkervoort.
Weight 695 kg
Power 380++ bhp at 5500 rpm
Acceleration 2,7 seconds 0-100 km/h


Type AUDI 2,5L R5 TFSI
Mounting Front, 5 cylinders in line
Capacity 2480 cc
Bore 82,5 mm
Stroke 92,8 mm
Maximum Power 380+ bhp / 284 kw at 5500 rpm
Maximum Torque 500 Nm at 1750 rpm
Compression Ratio 10,0 : 1


Top Speed 280 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h  2,7 sec.
Acceleration 0-200 km/h  7,8 sec.

Fuel consumption

Average fuel consumption 8-10 L /100 km
Fuel tank capacity 48 L
CO2 emission 178 g/km
Emission class Euro 6


Propulsion Rear wheels
Gearbox type 5-speed manual
Gearbox ratios 2.95:1 (I), 1,94:1 (II), 1,34:1 (III), 1,00:1 (IV), 0,80:1 (V), reverse 2.76:1, final drive 3,62:1
Differential type Limited Slip Differential

Body & Chassis

Body    Lightweight carbon fiber/ kevlar
Chassis Carbon/aluminium/steel tubular hybrid chassis
Doors 2
Seats 2

Wheels & Tyres

Wheels Forged alloy 8×17″ front, forged alloy 9×18″ rear
Tires – Front 225/45 x 17″
Tires – Rear 245/40 x 18″ 


Front Independent / double wishbones
Rear Independent / double wishbones / trailing arms 
Springs Coil springs
Shock absorbers Intrax three way adjustable - ARC® system


Steering Rack and pinion, no servo
Turns 2,7 lock to lock
Turn circle 11,6 m


Brakes Ventilated discs (24 mm thick), 6-piston calipers 
Front Tarox 6-pistons system with brake balance
Rear Tarox 6-pistons system with independent handbrake

Length, width, height

Length   3833 mm
Width 1850 mm
Height 1122 mm


Wheel base  2340 mm
Track of front axle 1560 +/- 10 mm
Track of rear axle 1585 +/- 10 mm


Weight ± 695 kg


Tank capacity 48 L
Luggage volume 250 L


The D8 GTO-RS was announced as a limited edition of 40 units in early 2016. Following the announcement a large number of the available cars were sold in no time – a huge compliment. Many of these buyers expressed interested in ‘special editions’ of this already exceptional series. Donkervoort – which naturally wants to meet every customer’s individual wishes – therefore decided to expand the RS series, ahead of schedule, with a Bare Naked Carbon Edition and a Race Edition.

The D8 GTO-RS Bare Naked Carbon Edition will be limited to just 15 cars. All the carbon fibre elements of these special edition models will be left exposed so the unique, recognisable fibre structure of the material remains fully visible. Just ten of the D8 GTO-RS Race Edition will be built. This RS will be optimised for track driving, with features that include a (non-street-legal) sequential gearbox and the aforementioned lap time-enhancing track day features.

Of the total series of 65 units, all have been sold.


The D8 GTO-RS. Beastly, fast and ultra-lightweight. A record breaker for the track, yet equally in its element on the road as you enjoy a comfortable, relaxed ride home along your favourite scenic route accompanied by a beautiful sunset at the end of another perfect day.
Donkervoort. No Compromise.


With a click of the button below you can download the brochure of the D8 GTO-RS. However, every Donkervoort is built entirely to meet the wishes of the future owner, and many additional elements are possible.


For more information about models, equipment and accessories in the Donkervoort line, please contact Donkervoort Automobielen in Lelystad (NL) or Dusseldorf (D).


Everyone knows that Donkervoorts hold their value. The rate of depreciation is therefore lower than that of the competition. Moreover, it is not inconceivable that over time a Donkervoort could become a collector’s item (due to its special features or age) and therefore increase in value. But there has never been a way to take advantage of all those benefits from day one… until now! Donkervoort Financial Services makes it possible. Following the success in Germany, now available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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