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Donkervoort F22 Launch Event

You'll never see it coming. It will be worth the weight.

The next era

The era of the legendary D8 GTO is over. The era of the Donkervoort F22 is about to begin.

The next-generation Donkervoort F22 supercar has been developed with hypercar technology, but is still built with Donkervoort’s personalised touch and obsession with driving satisfaction.

With almost limitless scope for customisation, the F22 improves on the D8 GTO’s performance by being bigger, faster and more powerful.

The F22 also promises to be an even friendlier road car, with more comfort, interior space and user-friendliness than any Donkervoort before it.

F22 Launch Event

Family-owned Dutch supercar maker Donkervoort Automobielen will reveal the limited-edition F22 supercar on December 10.

It will continue the D8 GTO’s tradition by weighing considerably less than 800kg, despite being larger and having more than double the chassis rigidity of its legendary predecessor.

Set to be launched online from Donkervoort’s Headquarters in Lelystad, The Netherlands, the F22 is the result of a five-year development plan, driven by second-generation Managing Director, Denis Donkervoort.

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Reveal of the limited-edition F22 supercar

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