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Donkervoort and Atrium extend partnership for Donkervoort Wear

Thursday 5/27/2021
Man wearing white Donkervoort summer clothing next to a green D8 GTO-JD70

life at full throttle

Right weight? Check.
High performance? Check.
Painstaking quality? Check.
Attention to detail? Check.
A focus on design? Check.

Donkervoort drivers have demonstrated time and again that they are capable of living life at full throttle, on their own terms, dictated to by nobody.

Now, thanks to the renewal of Donkervoort’s fashion agreement with Atrium House of Brands (Only For Men), Donkervoort drivers can continue to live the same way even when they can’t take their cars with them.

Donkervoort Wear began its tie-up with Atrium five years ago and, after strong feedback from both Donkervoort owners and enthusiasts, the successful cooperation has just been extended by another decade.

Already strong in the Dutch and Belgian markets, Donkervoort Wear is set to expand into the rest of northern Europe, particularly in the recently strengthened Donkervoort Automobielen markets France and Germany.

timeless style and unmatched quality

“Having worked together for five years now, the time is right to cement a longer-term future so Donkervoort owners and fans can rely on the style and quality that Donkervoort Wear delivers,” Donkervoort Managing Director Denis Donkervoort said. “We have worked closely for the past five years to align our ideas on style and quality and craftsmanship. Increasingly, Donkervoort customers and fans have asked us to broaden the Donkervoort Wear range and to make it stand out for style and practicality inside the car and outside it.”

Only For Men’s ideas for Donkervoort Wear have perfectly overlapped with Donkervoort’s own ideas, with a high priority placed on timeless style and unmatched quality.
“It is a logical move for us to join forces with an iconic sports car brand,” Atrium (and Only For Men) owner Arthur Feenstra said. “Both parties motivate men to give themselves the best, in order to function and perform optimally. That’s why we merge our love for quality and design into stylish collections every season.”

Like Donkervoort, Atrium makes its own path, and its crease-free jackets have already become iconic travel wear for Donkervoort owners across Europe’s north. The renewed collaboration has broadened in scope and style with a more technically focused, design-crafted collection.The colours of the season match the zeitgeist, with black, anthracite, off-white and yellow as the focal points. The unbreakable travel jacket has become a must-have for Donkervoort owners to wear inside and outside their cars. They are stylish, unmistakably sporty and functional. And then there are the super-stretch performance shirts, the sweater vests with their smooth, sturdy style.

The Donkervoort Wear collection is available in the Only for Men Stores accros The Netherlands and online through the webstores of Only for Men and Donkervoort. Retailers who are interested in the Donkervoort Wear collection are very welcome in the new Atrium showroom in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands.

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