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Donkervoort and Only for Men introduce exclusive Donkervoort Wear

Tuesday 3/21/2017
Donkervoort Wear Only For Men

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Once again, in 2017, Donkervoort Automobielen will continue to innovate, improve and expand— through the introduction of the brand new Donkervoort D8 GTO RS, and with the opening of a second location in the beautiful Classic Remise Düsseldorf (DE). More than ever, Donkervoort will be in attendance at prestigious, legendary and titillating national and international events. And that’s not all! In 2017, access to the iconic Donkervoort feeling will come within reach of a much larger group of car enthusiasts. This spring Donkervoort Automobiles—in cooperation with well-known Dutch clothing company Only for Men—proudly introduces Donkervoort Wear: an exclusive, casual chic clothing line for men who identify with the Donkervoort core values.

Donkervoort Wear

Every item in the Donkervoort Wear line is designed to reflect the activities and lifestyle of the true Donkervoort driver and enthusiast. In keeping with the way Donkervoort builds its sports cars, the Donkervoort Wear collections are made of high quality materials, with exceptional attention to detail.

The first Donkervoort Wear collection by Only for Men consists of jackets, sweaters, shirts and polos that reflect the distinctive brand values ​​of both brands. The spring collection also includes a special RS polo in honour of the brand new Donkervoort D8 GTO RS. Starting in May a number of Donkervoort Icons will also be added to the collection to further enhance the true Donkervoort feeling. One such distinctive item from this Icons Collection is a lightweight jacket that remains completely wrinkle-free in any situation. The wearer of this jacket steps out of his Donkervoort – even after a day spent displaying his driving skills on a challenging tour – fresh and fit for the limelight.

No compromise & live like you drive

Amber Donkervoort: “A fantastic new addition to the Donkervoort brand and the fulfilment of a long cherished wish. Over the past year, under the mottos ‘no compromise’ and ‘live like you drive’, we have worked closely with Only for Men to add a new dimension to the Donkervoort experience. We carefully considered questions such as ‘what is best suited to the Donkervoort driver and enthusiast?’ and ‘what is most comfortable while driving?’ Together with Only for Men we are therefore proud to unveil Donkervoort Wear. We look forward to this launch and the future further expansion of our appealing clothing line.”

Donkervoort Wear (spring/summer season) is available from March 2017 exclusively via the Donkervoort Automobielen and Only for Men webshops and Only for Men shops throughout the Netherlands.

About Donkervoort Automobielen

Established in 1978 by Joop Donkervoort and now led by his son, Denis, Donkervoort Automobielen has sold more than 1,500 cars. Operating from Lelystad, The Netherlands, with a team of over 50 experts, the company initially gained renown with the D10 in 1988, setting a world acceleration record, followed by the D8 270 RS in 2005 with a record lap at the Nürburgring. The F22, further integrating their patented, advanced Ex-Core carbon fibre technology, set a new benchmark in 2023 by achieving 2.3g of lateral acceleration at the Zandvoort circuit, surpassing the D8 GTO-JD70's previous 2.1g record, showcasing Donkervoort’s engineering prowess. Their focus on exclusive, tailored supercars and driving lifestyle experiences continues to embody the ‘Living the Drive’ ethos. Looking to the future, Donkervoort hints at more innovations, continuing the brand's adventurous evolution.

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