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Donkervoort D8 GTO breaks lap record Bilster Berg Drive Resort

Tuesday 9/16/2014
Donkervoort D8 GTO breaks lap record Bilster Berg Drive Resort 2

lap record

The introduction of the Donkervoort D8 GTO promised a new generation of ultra-light, high-tech sports cars for the ultimate driving experience and performance to match.

Acceleration from 0‑100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, a total weight of just 695 kg and the use of one of the most competitive engines in the Audi (quattro) line-up combine to mean one thing: top performance. Last weekend Donkervoort made good on this promise: the D8 GTO broke the lap record at the German Bilster Berg circuit. The 380 hp Performance version set the new record for street-legal production cars at 1 minute 46.12 seconds.

Two drivers came into action for the record attempt: German driver Maik Rosenberg and Donkervoort test driver Denis Donkervoort. Initially both drivers were hampered by the dense fog that hung over the Bilster Berg Drive Resort most of the morning. It was mid-afternoon before the weather finally cleared and the track was found to be safe enough to drive on.

Last 15 minutes
That afternoon Rosenberg was first to break the record with a time of 1 minute 47.4. Ultimately, though, it was Denis Donkervoort who claimed the absolute top time of 1:46.12. Donkervoort drove the record for production cars on street-homologated tyres, in wet weather and… in the last quarter hour.

Whose record Donkervoort broke and how much time he shaved off the previous record are unknown. The Bilster Berg Drive Resort chooses to keep this information secret.

Very promising
With this record on the home turf of its German location, Donkervoort has not only demonstrated that the D8 GTO is extremely fast, but also that under more ideal conditions it is capable of producing even faster times. And that is very promising news indeed for the future racing endeavours of the D8 GTO!

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