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Donkervoort D8 GTO Individual Series // Crafted by Donkervoort. Created by you.

Tuesday 9/7/2021

Crafted by Donkervoort. Created by you.

Boutique customization and more power arrives at Donkervoort with the D8 GTO Individual Series

The most powerful engine ever seen in a Donkervoort and a radical approach to customization set the new D8 GTO Individual Series apart from every other Donkervoort. Customers will be given a stunningly fast, strong D8 GTO Individual Series and a free hand to customize it as much as they like, in whatever direction they prefer.

It’s Donkervoort demonstrating the peak of its powers as a boutique manufacturer, delivering hypercar performance and personalization at a supercar price point. Donkervoorts have always been amongst the most readily customizable supercars in the world, but the D8 GTO Individual Series takes those ideas to extremes with cars that reflect their owners’ personalities and perfectly suit their lifestyles.

The base price of this latest addition is €162,900 (excluding VAT and on-road costs).


But the D8 GTO Individual Series isn’t just a step away from planned equipment “packs” and into the world of true individuality.

It’s also faster. Planned as the final road-going version of the legendary D8 GTO model, the D8 GTO Individual Series will boast a power increase to 435 horsepower, 570Nm of torque and a wider usable power range.

It marks the first collaboration between Donkervoort’s technical development department and German Audi racers, Abt Sportsline.

Durability testing has shown the D8 GTO Individual Series is 11km/h faster at the end of the Kemmel Straight at Spa-Francorchamps, cutting 1.4 seconds from JD70’s lap time at the 7km Belgian Grand Prix circuit.

At the same time, the D8 GTO Individual Series boasts a cleaner look than its predecessors. The nose-cone flaps, the scoops and the 3D printed air outlets have all been removed to create a cleaner design, with the Donkervoort logo moved from the leading edge of the nose to the grille.

Individual Series: Whatever the individual wants

The successor to the sold-out D8 GTO-JD70 homage model, the D8 GTO Individual Series has been conceived as a totally customizable Donkervoort – even more than the generous options list usually encourages.

The D8 GTO Individual Series is delivered as a base series car with total customer freedom to create a Donkervoort to meet their preferences, whether their needs lean towards the track, touring, design or luxury.

Donkervoort can even customize and create individual pieces for customers if they choose; to help them own a car that perfectly matches their own personalities and preferences.

Customers can even have individual luggage made for their cars to go with their chosen Donkervoort Wear apparel if they prefer touring, or individual made-to-measure race suits and helmets if they prefer track days.

All past Donkervoorts have been offered with a high level of standard equipment and a range of packs, or groups of options that (experience told us) are usually ordered together.

The D8-GTO Individual Series allows Donkervoort buyers to delve deep into their imaginations and into our options list to create the most personal driving experience imaginable.

“Let’s face it,” Donkervoort Managing Director Denis Donkervoort admitted, “Anybody who drives a Donkervoort has a strong individual streak already, so we have evolved a model that gives them almost totally free control.”

“We have traditionally offered road car and track car ‘packs’ of equipment, and we still do, but we feel it’s time to let people decide for themselves exactly how much pace, comfort, design and style they need.”

Individual Comfort

The seat options can be comfort oriented, with integrated heating, and range all the way up to full carbon race seats. And, of course, they can be trimmed in whatever colours, patterns and (validated) materials people prefer.

Combine the most comfortable seating available, the adjustable electronic power steering system and the wind-protection flap at the top of the windscreen frame and the D8 GTO Individual Series can be a (relatively) relaxed cruiser.

The full fury of track-day Donkervoorts isn’t always appropriate for longer journeys, or for cruising in the city, so Donkervoort has developed even more techniques isolate the cabin from vibrations.

The Individual Series has more comfort and convenience ideas, like reversing cameras, radar detectors, electric air conditioning and even a phone holder.

Individual Design

The D8 GTO Individual Series bonnet is much smoother than the JD70 version, though the Joop Donkervoort tribute model’s scoops, air outlets and louvres can be returned on request.

Carbon-fibre wheels aren’t for everybody, but we’ve already found they’re everything for some people, because they’re beautiful as well as being very light.
It’s the same throughout the car.

You don’t need to choose from just one gear-lever option.

You don’t even need to choose from just one dash display option.

Paint? You want paint?

You want more than one colour of paint?

You don’t want paint at all?

You want a coloured clear coat?

You want something a bit extra to protect the paint?

You want triple-layer paint?

You want to invent your own paint?

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes again.

Individual Speed

The D8 GTO Individual Series brakes can be set up as standard, with Tarox wave-form discs all round, or drivers can choose to have the Bosch ABS system wired in for track use.

Similarly, the steering can be the traditional Donkervoort system, or with a faster rack for quicker reactions to the steering wheel on a track or even electronic (and adjustable) power steering.

There is even the option of a six-speed sequential gearbox, direct from the JD70 R, and a wide range of safety systems.

We have different alignment setups, brake configurations, chassis set ups, data logging, lighter batteries, different suspension options…

If you can think of it, chances are Donkervoort can fit it.

Because track work needs more cooling, the JD70 R’s scoops and air outlets can be put straight back in.

Individual “anything else you can think of”

It’s the same process throughout the car, with Donkervoort offering a range of options for most areas, including the damping, the differential, the aerodynamics and the paintwork.

But, of course, if you can think of something more to customize, we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Power Punch

German Audi racers Abt Sportsline teamed up with Donkervoort’s development team to deliver the most powerful road-going engine ever put beneath a D8 GTO’s bonnet.

Both Abt Sportsline and Donkervoort are hugely experienced in squeezing more reliable horsepower out of the Audi Sport five-cylinder turbocharged petrol motor.

“It made sense to combine our technical expertise to squeeze every last reliable horsepower out of the five-cylinder turbo engine,” Donkervoort Automobielen Managing Director Denis Donkervoort said.

“It has been a surprisingly smooth collaboration with our own development engineers and the result is the most powerful road car we’ve ever made.”

“Not even Audi Sport extracted this much performance from this version of the 2.5-litre engine,” he added.

The 2.5-litre engine’s specific output has climbed from 167hp/litre to 174 hp/litre.

Torque remains constant at 560Nm for the 2480cc engine, and the torque peak still arrives early, at 1750rpm and is still punching at its peak at 6350rpm.

There have been significant hardware modifications to reach the horsepower heights, including alterations to the engine’s cooling systems.

The upgraded, freer-flowing intercooler has been reinforced, there are new fuel injectors as well and there is new tuning and mapping for the engine.

Reliability is critical to Donkervoort, so the engine evolution has been put through the validation processes of both Donkervoort and Abt Sportline.

Surprisingly, the power surge has not come at the expense of economy, with the D8 GTO Individual Series registering 191 grams/km of CO2 emissions on the WLTP cycle, and eight litres of fuel consumption/100km.

The powertrain incorporates most of the upgrades introduced on the JD70 and some from the JD70 R, including its catalyst system, with its side-exit exhaust, and its standard particulate filter.

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