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Donkervoort offers service with “Donkervoort Service On Location” all over Europe

Thursday 2/26/2015
Donkervoort D8 GTO Service

Donkervoort Service

Owning a Donkervoort is all about individualism and driving across the most beautiful roads and the most challenging circuits without compromise. Your optimal experience and getting the best performance from your Donkervoort is our top priority. At the same time, maximum performance and long-lasting enjoyment can only be guaranteed by correct maintenance. It is therefore crucial to maintain your car at the required times and according to manufacturer’s standards.

But what if you do not live near a Donkervoort location or Donkervoort Service point? In the mean time the Pick-up and Delivery Service Donkervoort introduced last year, is in great demand among many of you. Through this extra service we have been able to provide even more Donkervoorts with updates, repairs and maintenance.

In spite of this, we would like to bring our Donkervoort Service even closer to you. Therefore, starting in the spring of 2015, Donkervoort is pleased to introduce the Donkervoort Service On Location. Prior to or after all Donkervoort Owners Events, including all Donkervoort Track Days in amongst others France, Belgium and Germany, we would be pleased to provide your Donkervoort of service and maintenance – on location.

The fully equipped Donkervoort Service Trailer and our team of factory-trained mechanics allow us to offer you a great variety of support possibilities. From maintenance service and repairs to the Pre- & After Drive Check-up or the fine-tuning of your Donkervoort before and during Track Days. In accordance with the detailed method in which we build our cars, we also design the service of your Donkervoort based on your individual needs.

In order to best be able to be of service to you the Donkervoort Service On Location is available by appointment only. We would, of course, also be very pleased to personally inform you about our possibilities. Please feel free to contact us!

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