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Thursday 6/1/2023

Pre-Owned Donkervoort Cars

The fastest way to have a new Donkervoort toy ready for summer drive events...

Due to immense popularity, when ordering one today, the new Donkervoort F22 has a waiting period that runs into 2025. This means there’s only one way to have a new Donkervoort toy ready for the summer driving- and events season: a Pre-Owned Donkervoort! 

These Donkervoorts are not new, but they might as well be new because every car sold through the dedicated Donkervoort Pre-Owned area has a Certificate of Authenticity and is fully Donkervoort approved. 

A Pre-Owned Donkervoort is the fastest way into Donkervoort ownership, with buyers rolling out their new toy within a day or two, fully insured, registered and comfortable, ready to enjoy their favourite roads in the best topless season. 

So, instead of waiting for a year or more to join the extended Donkervoort family, with all of the drive events on the track and the road that comes with it, Pre-Owned buyers can buy a car and, if there’s availability, join a Donkervoort event in the same week.  

The other sometimes-overlooked benefit of the program is that, like a new Donkervoort, all Pre-Owned cars can be fully customised to suit an owner's style, driving tastes or even colour preferences. It also allows you to benefit from personalised offers for Donkervoort driver training and track and travel events. 

After all, Donkervoort built it in the first place and still has all the tools, parts and expertise to upgrade it! 

Buying a Pre-Owned Donkervoort comes with all the same Factory Delivery experience as a new Donkervoort but without the wait for a confirmed build slot. 

And, just like that, you can be part of the extended Donkervoort family with a toy that’s new to you, in the best possible condition and complete with a warranty. 

What’s more, you could be in luck because three new pre-loved Donkervoorts have just arrived, including an ultra-fast one, an ultra-pretty one and an ultra-rare one... 

Ready to own yours?
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