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Donkervoort to Israel

Thursday 3/23/2023

Israel has joined the party

Don’t be surprised to see cycle-winged supercars around the roads of the ancient Judean and Samarian Hills because Donkervoort is now sold in Israel!

Donkervoort spread its footprint to both the UAE and the USA last year, and now, just in time for the F22 supercar, Israel has joined the party.

Two D8 GTO-JD70 models already have owners in Israel, with customers who have been long-time Donkervoort fans, and F22 supercars have been sold in the country as well.

Donkervoort has had a servicing outlet in the eastern Mediterranean nation for many years (Auto Italia), catering to the true pioneers of Donkervoort driving like Dr Sasha Goryunov (also known as Dr Tel Aviv), and interest in new Donkervoorts can be registered directly with the factory in Lelystad.

While Israel’s high import taxes make imported supercars more expensive than in Europe, it also means Israeli car lovers are always seriously dedicated to their passions.

Dr Goryunov bought his first Donkervoort (an S8) after a visit to the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 2017.

Since then, he has become one of the world’s most notable and dedicated Donkervoort enthusiast, owning many Donkervoorts, including three of just 10 Donkervoort D10s ever made!

His bespoke Bare Naked Carbon GTO-JD70 has just landed in Israel and here is his personalised gem in the beautiful Israeli landscape.

Are you looking to acquire a Donkervoort car in Isreal yourself? Let us know by providing your details below.

Pics by Eitan Matteo Caggia

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